Do Not Drunk FaceTime Mom

I may be a little off theme today but, this photo and a late night phone call inspired today’s post.


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For today’s writing prompt, I had chosen this photo of three young men dressed in women’s clothing.  During the time period the photo was taken, this would have been extremely scandalous. If this photo had been made public it may have cost them their jobs, their family, and even their lives. Now, this photo is no longer considered scandalous, however, other things are. In the current age, many people have lost jobs, scholarships, and friends over posts made on social media.

This photo along with a very late night phone call inspired me to part some advice to this generation of young adults. Remember, anything you put on the internet, record on your phone, or live stream can come back to bite you years later.  Even if you’re not recording, someone else probably is so be aware of what is happening around you.







Yes, there is an extremely funny story that goes with all of this, but I have been forbidden, by my children, from sharing it on the blog. I’ll have to be sure and include it in my memoirs.

What’s your advice for the new generation?

Share it in the comments.



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8 thoughts on “Do Not Drunk FaceTime Mom”

  1. Aw man! I was waiting for the story. LOL Thank God there were no cellphone video capabilities when I was in my 20s. You are right, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Thanks for sharing, Evelyn!

  2. These are great signs and great advice! My advice is: Don’t put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want your grandkids to see, because they probably will!

  3. Rats. I was waiting for the story too! I’m glad that my teenage and college age years haven’t been recorded for posterity too… and so grateful that God redeemed all that too and that His promise that in Him old things are gone and new things come!

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