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D is for Daybreak in Appalachia

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Last updated on May 14th, 2017




The mist rises up from the river
Clinging to the mountains like a quilt
Velvety greens and blacks
held together by threads of white
The valley is waking
Soon the day will begin
The mist will evaporate into the rays of the sun
The streets will fill with cars and commotion
But for now there is a grace
a serene stillness
In the quiet of the early morning
As the mist rises and the birds wake to greet the day.




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(5) Comments

  1. I like this, maybe because I like the way the world looks at dawn.

    1. Dawn has a peace to it that no other time of day has. Thanks for visiting.

  2. monique s says:

    Such a pretty poem. It is a great image too. It is so peaceful.

  3. Donna L says:

    Thanks for the poem!

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