Creating a Cleaning Schedule that Fits Your Life

It’s the time of year that brings on a new lease of life, well, everybody. People feel inspired to begin the year in an organized, structured fashion to meet set goals, one of these might be to keep the house clutter and cleaning under control. So to help you create the perfect cleaning schedule below are a few tips to get you started on building a routine that fits around your lifestyle and needs.

Write It Down

A good plan for any goal or aspiration begins with recording what needs to be done to achieve it, creating a cleaning schedule is no different. So with a pencil in hand, jot down all of the jobs that are specific to your home that need doing. Whether it’s an annual professional Capitol Chimney Dryer Vent Cleaning needed annually, the hallway needs regularly mopping, the sofa covers need washing because of pets, the dishwasher needs cleaning and so on, anything and everything should be written down. The reason it’s important to note down the jobs that are specific to your house, as opposed to following someone else’s schedule (a few of which you can find online) is that unless they have an identical house and lifestyle (pets, grandchildren stopping over) and so forth, you’ll struggle to make the schedule fit for you.


What Can You Do?

Quantify your time, capability, energy, and motivation to complete all the tasks you just wrote down. Unless you want to feel like you’re continually cleaning you need time like anyone else to live, work, relax, see family, and friends, and have fun, primarily refraining from sacrificing you-time is essential. This is the part you need to work out the purpose for your cleaning schedule, in order to figure out what the priorities are, and what will fit into your lifestyle without burning yourself out. For instance, is it for hygiene purposes? because you’re incredibly prideful and enjoy the comfort of a super clean home? do your pets cause a lot of mess coming in and out of the garden? do you entertain guests a lot and have specific areas of the home that are commonly used for this? Once you’ve figured out why you’re becoming closer to creating a schedule that works for you. For example, if the kitchen diner, and living area are the most lived-in rooms, these are the ones that you will most likely regularly clean to keep on top of. If you have a few spare rooms that you barely ever see these are naturally less of a priority. If you have a big event that you need to prepare for that calls for an extra deep clean or you have some minor maintenance issue like cleaning out the gutters or polishing the hardwood floors. Then you might need to look at hiring Atlanta house cleaning services or scheduling a handyman service to help out and to take some of the chores off your hands. 

Cleaning Schedule

Once you’ve established what jobs need doing and how much, which ones you can eliminate, and so on, you can record your routine either in your diary or a calendar to remind you of what needs doing and when this will help you to complete the most important tasks for you at that time. By sticking to the cleaning schedule you’ve made, you’ll notice the appearance of your houses improves as you get in the swing of regularly decluttering, and follow a pattern for cleaning different rooms.


Creating a schedule of your own, as opposed to copying someone else’s is essential to ensure you can cope with the workload. Alternatively, if you have the means to you might consider hiring a professional to take care of the bulk of your cleaning. This is an option most favored by people who don’t enjoy cleaning but love a clean home, who lead busy lifestyles, or who don’t have the energy they once did to keep it to a certain standard.


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  1. I wish I thought I’d stick to a cleaning schedule, lol. I’m one of those people who puts it off until I just can’t anymore.

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