Could a Trip Around the World Be For You?

Many of us dream of our annual vacation. A week or two to get away from work and our day-to-day responsibilities. A chance to visit somewhere new, let our hair down, see new sights, taste new dishes, experience new cultures, enjoy a different climate and so much more. This is all good and well. But have you ever considered that this experience could be extended? That you could take your travel a step further and actually take a trip around the world?

There are so many different options out there that could allow you to get away for a little longer and have an even better time. Whether that’s requesting extra or additional unpaid time off work or committing yourself to ongoing, worldwide travel through remote work or savings. Of course, this is a big venture, a huge lifestyle change, and a significant commitment. So, before diving into the deep end, here’s some information and some ideas that can help you decide whether this type of travel could be for you!



The first big factor that impacts whether round the world travel is for you could be your responsibilities. If you have no responsibilities and nobody depending on you, you can much more easily pack up to leave for a year or even longer. But if you have children, pets, disabled loved ones, or elderly loved ones who require your help and support to survive, you are likely to have to take shorter trips and arrange relevant care while you are away.




Next up, cost. Travel doesn’t come free, so you’ll need to determine how you’re funding this trip. If you’re having an extended vacation, you could receive annual leave or paid time off for your work, and rest assured you have a job to return to. If you’re going away for a long period of time, you generally have to support yourself in one of three ways. The first, having enough savings or retirement income for your time away before leaving. The second, having a remote job that can pay you no matter where in the world you are working from. Third, getting the correct working visa for the country you’re visiting and working as a teacher or in a local establishment, such as a bar, or in a manual activity, such as fruit picking or farming.



You need to consider various elements of safety when planning your trip and while away. Look into the safety of the country you’re visiting from various angles. What travel vaccines do you need before heading away? Have you got the right travel insurance? Do you know who to reach out to in case of an emergency? You should know the numbers for local emergency services and lawyers such as a bus accident lawyer. Do you know which areas you should avoid? If you’re camping, do you know where is best and permitted to do this? Really look into safety before heading away.


These are just a few different considerations that you need to make sure that you consider before heading around the world. Hopefully, each piece of advice will guide you in the right direction for your round-the-world trip!

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