Colder then a Witches …. What?

Colder then a Witches.... What?


Last updated on March 13th, 2018

Writers on Character EclecticEvelyn.comBeing a woman of a certain age, many of you know I am riding that hormone roller coaster of menopause.


I had the bright idea that this year my hot flashes would help keep my heating expenses down. I was running hot most of the time so, I could keep my heat turned down lower.



I must say that I have been able to keep the heat lower this year but …

I have discovered a new problem.

At night right before going to bed

the switch is thrown and I am on fire.

So, I turn my fan on high

(Yes, I am one of those people). 


Sleeping with the Fan




at some point in the night,

the sweats happen

And then…

I wake up freezing in the morning.

I’m not just talking about a little chill,

I am talking about teeth chattering,

body shivering,

freezing your tits off cold.



Any advice, suggestions or thoughts let me know in the comments.


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  1. Sadly, I don’t have any advice for this. But I LOVED this post…and your humour!

    1. Thanks. I find that going through this “process” if I don’t laugh then I am going to cry. 🙂

  2. Sarah L says:

    I was very lucky and just had warm flashes when I went through menopause. Sorry for what you have to go through.

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