Choosing Clothes for Your Male Partner: 5 Must-Know Secrets

At some point or another, every woman has looked at their partner and thought they’d like a gift of new clothes. The thing is, style is a very personal thing, so what you think might work for them won’t necessarily be something that makes them feel comfortable and confident. If, like me, you want to choose clothes for your partner then here are a few rules you should follow.


  1. Take accurate measurements

Men’s clothes are sized differently to women’s in that sizes are usually given in inches, rather than a number such as 2,4,6, etc. If your partner knows you’re planning to buy them some clothes, you can follow instructions for taking their measurements, such as their neck, chest, waist, and inseam. If you’d rather keep things a surprise, then look in their closet and find something you know fits them well, the size will be on the label.


  1. Pick things that genuinely suit his style

If your partner is someone who lives in a band t-shirt and jeans, then he’s not going to look right if you try to dress him in chinos and a polo. You wouldn’t want to wear something completely out of your comfort zone, so neither will he. Look for smarter, better fitting versions of the things he has now and bring his closet up to date, rather than trying to give him an extreme makeover. Alternatively, you could look at accessories like this amber bead bracelet for men to help tie his look together while keeping his unique personality at the forefront.


  1. Invest in classics

Men’s fashion doesn’t change a whole lot over the years. While different decades have variations on suit fits, jeans styles, etc., men aren’t expected to be on the cutting edge of fashion like women. Shopping for men isn’t as fun, but at least it’s easier, as you can pick classics and know that they’ll stand the test of time. For example, buy him a coat from, and you know he’ll be wearing it for years to come.


  1. Help him pick the right shoes

You could buy your man the most incredible outfit, but if he adds the wrong shoes, it can ruin the look of the ensemble. The average man owns 12 pairs of shoes, compared to women who own an average of 27, so they don’t always have the perfect pair ready to go. Again, focusing on the classics will make it less likely they’ll commit a fashion faux pas. Choose dress shoes in brown to pair with navy suits, black shoes for black suits, and white trainers such as the Adidas Stan Smith for casual ensembles. Sandals should be reserved strictly for by the pool or on the beach.


  1. Add finishing touches

When you see a man who looks well put together, it’s usually because he’s paid attention to the small details. A real leather belt, designer watch, subtle cufflinks, or a pocket square can instantly elevate an outfit from mundane to stylish. Men’s accessories also make a great gift, as you don’t have to worry about sizing, and they can be worn with lots of different outfits.



Buying clothes for your partner can seem a little daunting, as although men have more limited options, it can be difficult to get them to try something new. That’s why you should focus on what they already like to wear, making slight tweaks to improve their style.


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  1. When did men stop wearing hats? Not caps, those are everywhere. I’m talking about fedoras, etc. My Grandpa never left the house without his hat. I really like hats.

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