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Phoenix Rising EclecticEvelyn.com

Phoenix Rising

They say the creative soul is stifled in an environment of misery and despair but they are wrong It thrives there under the surface. every abuse every cruelty makes it stronger building power it rises up like a phoenix from the flame finding voice in the silence speaking out telling truth to the world.

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Words like rain EclecticEvelyn.com

Words like rain

Words from my soul don’t easily flow from this pen to this paper They swirl around in my head through my eyes, they drip like tears rain falling from the sky landing on leaves of paper finding a path down to the ground they fall scattered and random creating pattern out of chaos a pattern

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Reunion EclecticEvelyn.com


That is my goddess calling me I am of the sea and the sea is of me The constancy of the tide Rolling in and out In an eternal dance with the moon Stars shining in the sand Twinkles of silica formed years ago Microscopic shells of a thousand lives Brought together as one Caressed

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black cat original gangster


You gently bump your head against my hand softly at first then become more forceful When I don’t respond you touch your nose to mine When I still don’t respond you gently tap my arm becoming more insistent with each tap I reach out to touch your head you purr I stop You reach out

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Echos of a Life EclecticEvelyn.com

Echos of a Life

The whir of the air conditioner The hum of the refrigerator The deafening sound of silence Straining to hear the echos of children playing The twitter of birds The conversations of friends The sounds of a life My life Reaching out to the echos of the past I am surrounded by walls Collapsing The world

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writing NaNoWriMo challenge

NaNoWriMo Challenge Accepted

I just found out National Novel Writing Month exists and I have accepted the challenge.  This month will be a practice in self-discipline and writing.  I have to write over 1,600 words per day to reach the goal of 50,000 in a month.  Not sure if I will even get a novel out of this

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aging hallway midlife confusion

Insomnolent Soul

is it sadness or is it madness that permeates my soul this longing for TIME LONG FORGOTTEN BY MOST a time of carefree youth that I squandered NOT REALIZING one day it would be gone so busy chasing an elusive dream never stopping to see the beauty in the sun wanting to grow up so

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Writing Blindfolded

My Writing

Writing is something I do alone. It is a time to think my own thoughts in my own head. Explore my soul my feelings my hopes my desires. My writing is not yours to claim, to scrutinize, to devour with your prejudice and criticism. I don’t want someone over my shoulder reading what I write,

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a fried egg with a face

Two Plastic Eggs

Two plastic eggs On a fake china plate Two embryos Vying for life in a petri dish Two ideas Whose time has yet come Waiting for life to be breathed into them Like a man that is way past his prime Socks sagging around his ankles Shuffling feet Heading no where fast Walking to the

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