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Salvation through Discipline

When you’re a writer the first thing you do in the morning is write even if it’s just one sentence or one word. You write. That is the discipline that I learned from participating in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I have wanted to be a writer as long as I can remember but …

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a fried egg with a face

Two Plastic Eggs

Two plastic eggs On a fake china plate Two embryos Vying for life in a petri dish Two ideas Whose time has yet come Waiting for life to be breathed into them Like a man that is way past his prime Socks sagging around his ankles Shuffling feet Heading no where fast Walking to the …

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black cat original gangster


You gently bump your head against my hand softly at first then become more forceful When I don’t respond you touch your nose to mine When I still don’t respond you gently tap my arm becoming more insistent with each tap I reach out to touch your head you purr I stop You reach out …

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Bright Winter Morning

It is another glorious Appalachian day. The sun is shining and a cold wind is blowing outside, while inside I sit at my desk writing with the blessing of heat and warmth. The dogs are barking incessantly as the mailman approaches our house. He is oblivious to the sound of chaos from inside as he …

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2015 a Year of Possibilities

2015 a year full of possibilities, blessings, and abundance. This is going to be a great year! Fifteen minute timed writing before dinner. Today has been a very productive day. We got the pantry cleaned out and all the tools sorted. We even got all the paper towels put away – an entire case. We …

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Insomnolent Soul

is it sadness or is it madness that permeates my soul this longing for TIME LONG FORGOTTEN BY MOST a time of carefree youth that I squandered NOT REALIZING one day it would be gone so busy chasing an elusive dream never stopping to see the beauty in the sun wanting to grow up so …

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empty kitchen table hunger

The Struggle is Real

She is talking about bills and I don’t even.  I am trying to focus on writing and she wants to talk about money I don’t have.  I don’t like to talk money because it stresses me out.  I try not to think about money any more then I need to.  When you are poor it …

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collage of Evelyn Dortch driving Never lose Sight gratitude

Never Lose Sight

I need to get me a little notebook to keep with me all the time to jot stuff down in or maybe there is a program or app.  There’s an app for that! There is something about having a little notebook and actually writing on a page that makes it seem more like a writer …

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writing NaNoWriMo challenge

NaNoWriMo Challenge Accepted

I just found out National Novel Writing Month exists and I have accepted the challenge.  This month will be a practice in self-discipline and writing.  I have to write over 1,600 words per day to reach the goal of 50,000 in a month.  Not sure if I will even get a novel out of this …

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