I love my furbabies and this is where I share information for other pet parents. Specializing in cats, and small dogs but there may be a few hamsters or rabbits, maybe even a raccoon.

What Makes Pets Happy?

  As owners, we like to think that we know what makes our pets happy. But what does science say?    Sometimes, people confuse human representations of happiness with pet happiness, thinking they’re the same thing. They’re not. Pets are different beings.    Here’s a rundown of what makes them the happiest.    Having Plenty …

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Is My Dog Sick?

Unfortunately, pets get sick from time to time, just like their owners. And when this happens, it is critical that you lookout for the signs so that you can quickly solve the problem. But what exactly does a sick dog look like? How can you tell if they’re ill and need medical assistance instead of …

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Connecting With Your New Puppy

You’ve got a new puppy in the house. You’ve finally brought home a four-legged friend that’s perfect for you, and now you need to train them, and teach them ways of life within your home. And most of all, your new puppy needs to connect with you, and you’d love to have that picture-perfect owner …

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