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Adult children, grandchildren, marriage, and dating. It’s all in here including some Cougar advice and maybe a love story or two.

Perfect Girls Trip to Palm Springs

Spend a weekend living the lifestyles of the rich and famous experiencing your own caviar dreams and champagne wishes sipping martinis by the pool. It’s possible to have a luxury weekend you will never forget

Caring for Aging Parents: The Hard Questions

As we age so do our parents. The ones we turned to for support now need ours.  It is very hard to deal with aging parents as it makes us face our own mortality.  For those who did not have supportive parents, it can be even harder.

Brenda Duff

Death of a Mother

The hardest part is putting that word death in a sentence with your mother. Mom has died. It looks so terrible even written. So short and final. Three words that change the lives of generations.

5 Life Lessons from a Hamster

5 Life Lessons from a Hamster

One of the first pets my children ever had was a hamster.  I have four children and we have owned many hamsters during the years. I think pets teach valuable life lessons. Here are a few we learned from the hamsters. 

Quote from Evelyn Dortch u don't need a man

Dear Miss (or Mr.) “I Need a Man”

Don’t be afraid to be alone. You don’t need a man to complete you. You need a man to compliment you. If he’s not supporting you on your journey then you need to get rid of him. You are already doing it all by yourself.