5 Big Benefits to Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry

You might be put off purchasing precious second-hand materials. But there are many benefits to buying pre-owned jewelry. Here are some of the top ones. 

It’s a Highly Sustainable Practice

Buying pre-owned jewelry is very eco-friendly. Reusing pieces that are already crafted means there is less demand for raw materials. As a result, the need for mining and exploitation of workers is significantly reduced. And this lowers the environmental impact and adds to sustainability goals. Further, some of the best pieces by reputable jewelers like Helzberg (read these Helzberg diamond reviews) don’t lose value. Therefore, keeping stunning pieces in circulation adds to the steady diamond trade rather than forcing harmful diamond mining.

You Get Excellent Value for Money

Like everything else, you can get great deals on pre-owned jewelry. But even better, the majority of used pieces from reputable dealers aren’t that old. But of course, once a piece is considered pre-owned, the price a dealer will charge for it reduces significantly. So you can always find stunningly crafted rings, necklaces, bracelets, and everything in between for a fraction of their original costs. Of course, diamonds hold their value and, in some cases, go up. But this happens over a longer period and therefore doesn’t usually apply to contemporary pieces.

Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Jewelry Include Vintage Pieces

While modern pieces may not cost too much when bought second-hand, you can get hold of antiques for a fair price or pay a pretty penny. It depends on the vintage of the pieces whether you spend relatively little or a lot. However, some antiques, such as diamonds, are typically 20% less than a new cut. Meaning you can get a good deal that saves money while getting something of the highest quality. But if you are hunting for vintage pieces, then you’re better looking for the jewelry with some history attached to it if you want something special to pass on.

You Can Find Uniquely Stunning Jewelry

While there are stunning jewelry designers at work today, you almost never get a unique piece unless you commission it. And that kind of cost is out of reach for most people. But with second-hand jewelry of a certain age, it’s possible you can get your hands on a ring or necklace that’s officially one-of-a-kind. Unless, of course, there are replicas. But having the original piece from which others were copied makes it far more valuable. And even then, it’s unlikely they will match the quality or be available in a large enough quantity to impact the value significantly.

It’s Made from High-Quality Materials

The fine art of making jewelry is not what it once was. Of course, the artisans and designers are highly skilled people. But the manufacturing process is somewhat different than it used to be. Back then, crafters made jewelry from precious and durable materials. However, modern jewelry is made from artificial materials, alloys, and even lab-processed diamonds. As a result, while they are well-made, they don’t offer the same quality found in older pieces. So when you buy second-hand jewelry, be sure to look for pieces that are older for a superior finish.


There are numerous benefits to buying pre-owned jewelry. It helps with the sustainability issue, you can find vintage pieces, and it’s typically made from higher quality materials.


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  1. Buying pre-owned jewelry is not only an affordable way to add unique pieces to your collection, but it’s also a sustainable choice that supports a circular economy. Thanks for sharing these big benefits of pre-owned jewelry!

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