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Elizabeth Engstrom on What Makes a Good Story

We read because we lead lives of desperate calm. We go to great lengths to avoid conflict, yet fiction is all about conflict. When we go to bed at night and pick up a book, we slide into the shoes of a character embroiled in outrageous conflict and

My Writing Space Guest Post

My Writing Space a Guest Post by Catherine E. McLean

old oak table with three drawers. It was made by my husband’s great-grandfather to house linens for a dining room. I’ve repurposed it as storage and the top holds two paper cutters, a typewriter, the telephone, the pencil sharpener, and …

Jennifer Dean Guest Post

Just Write – a Guest Post by Jennifer Dean

All you need to do is type. Type a word, type a sentence, type a paragraph. And if you prefer, do your writing on hard paper with a pen. The point isn’t how you write but that you write.