DuoBed: Not Your Mom’s Sofa Bed

DuoBed is amazing if you have a small space or a home office and need a place to sit and sleep.  DuoBed is the answer.  DuoBed is a chair, a sofa, a bed, and a huge storage ottoman. I had the opportunity to receive their chaise lounge. Find out what I thought about it.

What Are Your Feet Saying?

feet are precious, which is why it’s so important that you look after them as you age. As we get older, our bodies become more prone to a range of problems, including a range of feet-related health conditions, which is why taking better care of your feet is so important.

Be Your Own Rock

Build the life you want and if it is meant to be, he may come back to you, but if it is not then your love is still out there waiting for you to find him.