Are Health Supplements Worth It?

Taking dietary supplements has become very popular. Many of us do it as a way of boosting our health. But just what impact do these supplements really have? This post delves into the effect of supplements.

What are health supplements?

Health supplements or dietary supplements are artificial edible products designed to give us a boost of nutrients. They commonly come in the form of a pill, but can also come in the form of a powder, capsule, or liquid. There are even gummy forms and shakes which are great for people on the go. If you have been thinking about trying these out, then you may want to look at some Proplant Complete Shake reviews as well as others that are similar, so you can make your decision on which would be best for you.

A few examples of nutrients that are commonly consumed as health supplements include vitamin C, protein, omega-3, calcium, magnesium, and various multivitamins. You can find them for sale in grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Do you need to take health supplements?

You can live a healthy life without taking supplements – just because you don’t take supplements, doesn’t mean that you’ll die early. However, health supplements can be used to boost your health and help you reach various goals much more easily than if you were not taking supplements. For example, scientific research shows that taking zinc can shorten a cold, taking folic acid can improve fertility and pregnancy health, and taking magnesium can help combat insomnia. Health supplements are also worth taking if you’re suffering from a deficiency. 

Choosing the right supplements

Most people fail to take the right type of supplement for their needs. In some cases, people can even end up consuming too much of a particular nutrient, leading to adverse health effects (taking too many antioxidants for example may increase the risk of cancer).

So just how do you choose the right supplements? Focus firstly on any medically diagnosed deficiencies you may have. Secondly, consider your personal circumstances. Something like vitamin D, which is mostly obtained from sunlight, could be worth taking if you spend large amounts of time indoors (particularly in winter). You should also consider your diet and which nutrients it may be lacking. Personalized vitamin subscriptions like Rootine can be great for finding the right mix of supplements for your needs. With the help of such a plan, you can avoid taking unnecessary supplements, focusing solely on the ones that will benefit you.

The importance of a healthy diet


Health supplements may be able to fill certain voids in your diet, but shouldn’t be used as a replacement to a healthy diet. You still need to be eating fresh fruit and vegetables – these foods contain healthy fiber that you cannot get from any supplement. You also need to be careful of how much bad stuff you’re putting into your body – taking a cocktail of health supplements every morning doesn’t give you a license to consume as much sugar, salt, or alcohol as you like. 


Taking health supplements while continuing to eat an unhealthy diet is like putting a pair of racing tires on a poorly-maintained car. You still need to give your body the basics – supplements should be viewed as a performance enhancer. 

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