Almost Blue

Almost Blue: A Saturday Stream of Consciousness Post

Today’s Stream of Consciousness prompt is the word “almost”.


Almost is one of those words like should and could. One of those words that are full of regrets. “I almost made it.” “I almost won the prize.” “I almost got that job.” I almost have life under control. Not really who am I kidding, no one has life under control. Thinking about almost makes me think of all the things I could have done or should have done. I almost had a perfect marriage but I married the wrong man. I almost had the American dream but my house was foreclosed on. I almost wrote a book but things kept getting in the way like life. I almost wrote a blog post but then the cat went into labor on my lap. True story but it wasn’t a blog post, it was a very important grant proposal for work. Almost, I think I am almost tired of this word it is so depressing. I think I am going to put it on the shelf with my can that keeps all my “can’ts” away right there next to my book of “should’s” and “could’s”.
There’s a song, Almost Blue, that this word brings to mind and I will share it below. Now that I am Almost Blue myself. I will wrap this up and send it out into the universe with only corrections to spelling as it is a stream of consciousness exercise.






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4 thoughts on “Almost Blue: A Saturday Stream of Consciousness Post”

  1. I think “almost” is a sad word when it’s in the past tense. In the present tense, “almost” represents hope. I hope you can, in the future, put it in a better perspective. Hang in there Evelyn!

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