RIP Miss Kita cat tabby close up

A Six Toed Cat with a Cheshire Smile

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Today is an exercise in futility and is just me throwing random words together on paper to make random sentences to turn them into paragraphs of nonsensical randomized bullshit that is not even good bullshit.  Being the Queen of Bullshit you would think this would be much better but alas even the Queen has an off day.  Even the tiara is not working today. 1,811 words and counting.  I need to reach 2,500 before I can rest.

This desk squeak is so annoying it is like some kind of out of tune orchestra warming up.  Oh for a nice beautiful writing desk made of mahogany or a nice rattan table on a veranda overlooking the ocean with a nice warm breeze blowing my hair.  I need to write there.  The beach, the sand, a veranda, a cool drink, and the warm breeze with the scent of saltwater in the air.  I do love a good breeze while sitting on the veranda sipping a nice cool refreshing glass of mint tea.  Oh I wax poetic but not really just going with the flow of classic bullshit that is coming out here and there in this writing right now. ‘Writing right now’ interesting choice of words my dear doctor.  What seems to be your conclusion?  You are suffering from the Hemingway delusion that you are a six toed cat who writes poetry, a six toed cat with a Cheshire smile reclining on the veranda in repose slightly batting at a palm leaf that is hanging low.

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