A Pet Owner’s Guide To A Clean House


When you have a pet living in your home with you it can be the biggest privilege in the world and they will make your life complete in little ways every day. A dog is part of the family and they are amazing to have around, but when it comes to keeping the house clean they can be a little bit of a nuisance. Dogs by nature are hairy, and even the short-haired breeds shed a lot. And then you need to think of mud stuck in their fur and paws after a rainy day, and it can be hard to keep the house clean at all!


Get a cleaner


If you want to keep on track of every last hair and you are a busy person who is always working, it might be a good idea to hire house cleaning services who can help maintain the home for you and keep everything clean and tidy throughout the week without you need to stress about it. Keeping your home free from pet hair can help to reduce allergy symptoms in children and adults, so it can be well worth the cost of hiring a cleaner.

Treat time


Does your dog run straight into the living room after you give it a tray and then leave the crumbs all over the carpet? Even if you give your dog a treat in the kitchen they will tend to run off and find a cozy spot, so the best advice is to cover the carpet and chairs so that any crumbs can be picked up, or shut the door while you give them the treat to stop them running into the living room.


Use a good vacuum


A vacuum cleaner is something we all use for our houses and you likely never think too deeply about the make and model as long as it works. However, when you have a pet you will need to grab hairs and other things and therefore you need a strong hoover that changes setting automatically on different floors. The shark vacuums are a top pick for dog owners as they aren’t too chunky and they are incredibly powerful.


Lint roller it


A lint roller is a small roller that is usually used to keep the lint off clothes when we are going out for an event and they can be handy to have. However, another use for a lint roller can be to remove dog hair from the furniture and your clothes. We all know the feeling when we put on a nice dark dress and then the dog cuddles us and we are covered in hair. It can all be rectified right away with a lint roller and you can go about your business.


Cover up


If in doubt, cover it. If you have a new leather sofa in the living room, rather than suddenly banning your dog from sitting with you, you can instead cover the sofa with a plush throw or blanket. Sure it will cover the leather but it will also be warmer and cozier, as well as protect the leather against accidental scratches from your furry friend.


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