A Detailed Guide To Claim Your Insurance

Insurance companies can be hard to deal with at times. Especially, when it comes to making a claim. The claim is the only way to get fair compensation for your medical bills and other financial loses.


More often than others, road accidents are the most common reasons why people go for an injury claim in Canada. There are a few tedious processes that you will need to go through an insurance claim. This article explains what you should do to claim the compensation you deserve as a victim.


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Collect all the pieces of evidence


This should always be done on the spot. After an accident, the first thing you should do is call the police then collect multiple evidence, only if you feel alright healthwise. If you are injured or think you may be call an ambulance. Your state of mind can also take some time to revive before it comes back to normal. Once you gain senses, note down the other party’s car registration number and take pictures too. You should also collect contact information from people arriving at the scene to help you. All the photographs can be used as evidence and the people as eyewitnesses for your claim.


In case, you couldn’t manage to do any of the above. You might need a lawyer on your side later.


Take medical support


Get medical help immediately after the accident. In case someone takes you to a nearby medical facility, make sure you call the police and file an initial report about the accident without stating that the other party caused you damage or injury. While being in the hospital, get a complete checkup for internal as well as external injuries and get the required treatment. Your hospital bills and health status reports will be helpful in getting appropriate medical compensation for your expenses. However, you are yet to file the medical claim.


File your claim

Regardless of where you get injured, you must inform the insurance company as soon as you can, actually within 24 hours of the accident. As you are not at fault, you must report to the insurance company of the other party as well. They will ask for the essential information, such as the place and cause of the accident and details about your injuries.


Know the process


In general, the insurance company then initiates an investigation of your case and ask you several questions. Be ready with all the evidence and medical documents to submit as soon as they ask for the same. The insurance company will now calculate your claim value and issue a settlement check. In case you find it less than what you deserve, you can approach the company for improvement in the compensated amount.


The rejection


Insurance claims can be denied due to certain reasons, such as lack of evidence, delay in filing the claim, lack of medical documents, etc. Therefore, it is better to draft evidence and medical paper properly and keep in touch with the eyewitnesses for future reference.

Seek legal help


If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and have no idea what to do next, you might want to hire a skilled lawyer. If your claim was denied because you missed a doctor’s appointment, skipped a treatment session, or clarification is needed by your insurance company, Justin Kimball from Preszler Law says it may make sense to file an internal appeal first. But before that, make sure you hire a reliable personal injury lawyer.


Speak with a lawyer


Consult your case with a trusted lawyer and tell them all about the accident as well as whatever you’ve dealt with after it. The lawyer may help you get compensation for other expenses, such as your lost wages while you were struggling to claim the insurance. They will then tell you about your rights and how to use them to get compensation.


Not only this, but your hired lawyer can also assist you in filing the case in the court, where they will represent your case on your behalf. All the investigation, paperwork, report submission, etc; will be managed by your lawyer along with many other responsibilities.


You will be able to collect the evidence and make eyewitnesses ready to stand by your side. But it would be tough to find a good lawyer in your city. For this, it is advised to talk to your close friends and family members. They might have been in a similar situation and can refer you to one of the best lawyers they have hired in the past. You need to meet a few lawyers before you hire one. It is highly recommended to hire someone who is skilled, experienced, and ready to give you assurance of the compensation you deserve.


As now you know how to go with the procedure, start with your research and file your claim as soon as possible.


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  1. Each state has laws that govern the process, so contact your state department of insurance if you have questions or feel you are not being dealt with fairly. Call your agent, whether you are at fault or not. Insurance companies are in business to make money…the fewer claims they pay the more money they make so they will look for any reason not to pay.

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