Not everyone is blessed with knowing what they want to do as their career when they leave school, and often it isn’t until much later in life that you have a better idea. You have lived, experienced things, and figured out where your passions lie and what your capabilities are. However, many are put off changing their career later in life. They feel it is too late to change their mind and go for something new. However, age is only just a number and it shouldn’t matter when you change your career, it only matters about taking that time, putting in the effort and changing your working life for the better. So how can you do it? Here are some suggestions.



Figure out what you want to do


One of the first things to think about would be exactly what it is you want to do. You may already know because you had a lightbulb moment at some point in your life, or you have come to a decision gradually over the course of events and days. However you decide, really be sure what it is you want to do. As much as a change of career can happen at any time, it can be unnerving and overwhelming to take on the challenge no matter what age you are. You want to ensure that this is something you want and feel passionate about, as the rest of the steps to make it happen will be far easier to overcome. 


Take the right steps to make it happen


The next thing to think about would be taking the right steps to make it happen. This could be deciding that you need specific qualifications or accreditation. It may mean you need to go back to school to further your education or to get an advanced degree. There are so many avenues you can take, but make sure that you check out websites like MyGREExamPreparation if you are looking to further your education with an advanced degree. This will give you an idea of what particular exam modules that you may need to take. Preparation is key for helping you to take the right steps to make this new career dream a reality. 



Seek out the opportunities and give yourself the best start


Once you have the right qualifications and you are ready to take the career change to the next level, you will need to seek out the opportunities and give yourself the best chance. Your resume is going to be key. Not only do you want it to include any recent qualifications you have gained, but also look back on previous experience and tailor it to your new job role. You will also have great life experience and tenacity, so include that. Seek out the jobs by searching websites online or going direct to employers and communicating your resume in that way. 



Be confident in the interview process 


Finally, the final stage will be the interview, and this can often feel like the hardest part. Ensure you have the confidence in your ability and your decision. You can prepare in advance for obvious interview questions and dressing for the part can also give you the confidence boost you need to succeed. 


Let’s hope these tips help you to make that career change. 



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  1. Lots to consider, but definitely see a lot of this happening.

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