7 Things for the Newbie Pet Owner To Make Everything “Purrrrfect!”


If you have been saving money for home renovations, when it comes to getting a home ready for a new pet, there can be a bit more at stake. If you’ve recently renovated your property, you may find that there’s a lot more that you need to do to make your home ready for a cat or a dog. Taking a new pet home is one of life’s delights, but there are a number of key considerations to make sure that space is comfortable and safe for the new member of your family. What do you need to consider? 


Secure Your Windows and Doors

If you’re getting a cat, you need to make sure that every window and door has a secure latch so they won’t be able to plot their escape! While you can get an in glass pet door you will need to remember that it has to be cat-proof. Additionally, make sure that you keep the bathroom door shut at all times. 


Pet Proofing the Property 

It is crucial to make your home safe before you bring the pet home, whether this means paying attention to certain ornaments that could be a hazard, or making sure that your trash cans are shut, there’s a lot you need to consider. If you’ve never had a pet before there will be many items that you will need to keep out of your pet’s reach. For example, toys with small pieces, medication, electrical cords, and any tools. 


Provide Your Pet With Plenty of Toys

If you are adopting a pet, they will need a lot of toys to keep stimulated. Cats like to have toys to knock around, and when pets are young, they like to explore the surroundings with their mouths, so make sure that everything that they can access is safe. 

Prepare Their Personal Space

You need to decide the spot where your pet stays the most. It’s important to decide on this early on because it will get you into the mindset of setting up the space for them so you can give them everything they need, but also make sure that it is a safe space. You need to decide if the pet is able to run freely around the house or do you want to keep them in one part of the home. If you don’t want your pet to access certain parts of the home, you will need to make sure that they have a very comfortable spot that is attractive to them. When it comes to cats and dogs, they want to explore, so it might not be fair to keep them in one room. It’s important to think about this, especially in terms of their mental health. 


Prepare Yourself for an Adjustment

If you are bringing a baby dog or cat home, you have to remember that they will take some time to adjust. They will cry much like human babies, and it can take a few weeks for them to adjust to this new environment. But it’s important to remember that, like human babies, it’s not a good idea to bring them into your bed. Make sure that you set up a quiet and enclosed space for their bed so they can get used to their surroundings while feeling safe. 


Cleaning the Property from Top to Bottom

It’s important to make sure that the space is ready for your pet but also make sure that the home is decluttered first. Decide where you are going to keep the pet supplies so this avoids any confusion, but also make sure that you come up with a strategy to block spaces that your pet could get into. For example, if they are usually able to get under your bed, and could get stuck, this would distress them. 


Decide Where Your Pet Will Stay During the Day

The best thing for you to do is have your pet stay with you when they first join the family. Because the first few weeks are going to be crucial as they get used to the environment and the people. Also, at this point, make sure that you get all of the health checks in place. You should visit a veterinarian for a health check within a week of bringing them home. 


It’s a very big thing for anyone to undergo. If it’s your first pet, they will make a massive difference to your quality of life, but you need to make sure that in order to develop that bond, put everything in place first.


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