7 Best Side Hustles for the Over 50s


Whether you’re saving up for retirement or looking for a productive way to pass the time, a side hustle could be a great idea. If you find the right way to make a little passive income it may even be quite lucrative. The important thing to remember is to choose something you enjoy whether it’s showcasing your creative talents or imparting wisdom and experience. There are several side hustles you can do from home from online teaching to consultancy. Alternatively, you could look for opportunities in the local neighborhood. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Teach a class


If you have knowledge or skills in a particular area you could consider teaching a class. There are different options for this. You could get in touch with your local community center if you have any fun ideas. They may only hire volunteers for certain classes, however. Another possibility is to offer one-to-one tutoring or group classes online. You can do these remotely and build up a selection of students. Here are some online tutoring best practices with more information.


Start a blog


If you’ve always considered it but haven’t got round to it, there are several reasons why you should start a blog. It’s a great way to get your voice heard and become part of an online community. You can also make money from using your blog for marketing purposes. Once you’ve established a bit of a name for yourself you can review products and services on your website in exchange for a fee. You might also get asked to write paid guest posts for other sites.


Consultancy work


Many people choose to opt for part-time consultancy work when they reach a certain age and this can be very lucrative. It’s a chance to offer your expertise whether you have an online mba in health administration or years of experience in the financial sector. You can offer advice to individuals and businesses and share your years of knowledge in their industry. Freelance consultancy work is also quite flexible and you can do it remotely.


Sell homemade products


On the other hand, if you’d like to try something new you could sell homemade products. These could be anything from jewelry to craft, or photography and artwork. It depends on where your talents lie. The best thing is you’ll get to showcase your skills doing something you love. You could look into selling products on third-party platforms such as Etsy or setting up your own eCommerce site. With the right marketing techniques so can boost your online presence and customers will be ordering your products from far and wide.


Catering work


If you have always enjoyed cooking or baking you could provide a catering service in the local neighborhood. Perhaps you’re famous for your cupcakes or homemade pies, so why not use them to make some extra cash? You can start in a modest kitchen but as the business starts to grow you might want to invest in industrial equipment or renting out space. This way you can expand as a business and offer your services to more customers. You could even cater local events such as festivals and farmers’ markets. See what opportunities there are near you.


Pet care


For those animal lovers out there you’ll be pleased to know you can actually get paid to take care of other people’s pets. You could be a pet sitter while your neighbors are on vacation or even join dog walking communities. Many people don’t have time to walk their dog as often as they’d like and this is where you come in. It’s a great way to get some exercise and spending time with animals can be very therapeutic. Summer is also the perfect time of year to look into paid pet care opportunities, so what are you waiting for?


Rent a room


If you have space you could consider renting a room or entire property to vacationers. This is straightforward in comparison to renting on a more long-term basis. The rental yield is higher for a short-term stay and you can avoid paying higher taxes, depending on where you live. You can advertise a room on secure sites such as Airbnb. Here is a quick guide on how to list your property on Airbnb.


With the right skills and entrepreneurial spirit, you can start making money on the side. There are several options and the internet is full of resources. You can easily run your own business from home.

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