6 Ways to Style Your Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors are truly wonderful! They have the power to open up a plethora of opportunities to decorate a space that carpet truly doesn’t have. Hardwood floors come in a variety of styles, colors, designs, and even wood. A very popular style of wood flooring would be something such as parquet flooring. When it comes to making a chic and sleek modern home, wooden flooring is perfect for helping out in achieving such a look. You’ll need to have your furniture matching the space, the décor is going to have to match too.  The wooden floor can be the foundation for your spaces and you could build on it from there. These tips will help you in figuring out what’s going to look excellent, and what will complement the wooden flooring in your home. 


Look at the undertones of the wood

Did you know that wooden floors have undertones? Not all wooden floors are the same! These tones can come in a variety such as cool, warm, and even neutral. Knowing what the undertone is on your wooden floor will help out in defining how to decorate your space. It’s best to match up your décor and furniture to what the undertone of the wood is. Warm undertones would be colors such as yellow, red, and orange. These can help a lot with defining what works and they go very well when using warm-toned furniture and accents.

The rule still applies for cooler color undertones such as the color white or blue. When it comes to neutral undertones, the rules are more flexible. Neutral tones are very easy to work with when it comes to interior design. Neutral undertones can work greatly with both cool and warm-colored furniture. Matching undertones will help out in designing a beautiful and luxurious space with hardwood flooring but you don’t necessarily have to follow this rule closely. It’s just something that is proven to help.

 Have complementary colors

Whether or not you choose to look at the undertones of your wooden floor is completely up to you. It’s going to help out a lot in creating a cohesive color scheme and look at your space, but you don’t technically have to do that in order to achieve cohesiveness. Nonetheless, selecting the right color scheme for your room is going to be tricky either way. You should try to balance out colors in the space. If you choose to put undertones into consideration, this is going to drastically help in picking furniture and choosing a color palette. Packing a complementary color palette is going to help out in elevating the space. This will also make it look far more put together and even balanced out.

Deciding a style of wooden flooring

There is a variety of different styles of wooden flooring such as parquet wooden floors. When selecting flooring, it also helps to determine the room you have. If you have an open floor plan ( no walls between the kitchen and Livingroom) then wooden floors are far better suited. It’s best if the flooring remains the same between rooms. So if there are walls or separate rooms, this rule wouldn’t apply. Open floor plans are excellent and look best if it’s just one type of flooring. They just look too awkward if there are any divides within the floor. It’s best to have some consistency as this is a very open and airy space. The key is to have the space be visually appealing and look airy. This will help a lot when it comes to cleaning the floor as well. 


You don’t need to match

The beauty of interior design is the fact that you don’t need to apply rules. They are only guidelines but your space can still look incredible without following a single rule. As stated above, you don’t have to match the wooden tones to your furniture and accents. While this will help in making your space come together and complements, it doesn’t mean your space will be ruined if not followed. Some people may honestly struggle with finding what the undertone is in the room, while others may not find the need to spend money on new furniture just so it can match a floor. 

There are plenty of approaches that can achieve a great look. One of the more modern approaches would be to combine the wooden floors with some wooden furniture. This can go for interior or even finding the best outdoor sofa for your deck. This is going to give off more of a rustic appearance, but it works. Showcasing the diversity in the wood is going to help in showing off and creating different textures. This is going to make the space look good. The rustic look is a very fun way to add some great furniture to the room while also eluding it to have some coziness as well.

If you think about it, a lot of older, more traditional homes had wooden flooring with wooden furniture. This used to be what traditional interior design was. Modern wooden furniture has a lot of clean lines, and it’s going to greatly complement the wooden flooring. The sleek elements of modern wooden furniture provide a juxtaposition to the wooden floor. You can happily embrace the balance between the smooth and hard surfaces of the wood all while still having a complementary color palette.

Bring some contrasting colors

For any space, whether there’s wood or not, standing out Is a good thing. A core rule to decorating a space would be to allow contrast. If your home has dark-colored wooden flooring, then having light furniture is going to have some satisfying looks and pop of color. A white sofa is a great example of this. This can go the other way around too. If your flooring is a light color, try to pair it with some dark-colored furniture. This is going to strike a balance within the room. If the color scheme for the whole space is going to be the same, or lack a color scheme, then you’ll face the risk of having a room that looks very boring and monotonous.

Even all the small pieces in a space such as tiny decorative accents will all build up and have an impact as well. If everything is matching, the small items will just blend into much, therefore not getting a deserved recognition. Having some contrasting colors within your space is going to tremendously help in creating a focal point but also help out in creating some texture too. You’ll also need to think of ways to bring some contrast to the texture too. Wooden floors are very hard, but adding some textiles such as rugs will help out in covering scratches, bringing in more color, and adding some soft texture.

Add some metals

If you’re into the modern industrial look, you probably already know that metals are the way to go. Wooden flooring, especially the modern styles can perfectly complement industrial-styled furniture pieces and metal decorative accents. This is a very trendy style and it creates a bold look as well. You can incorporate bronze, iron, or steel into the mix for some contrasts against the wooden floor and the walls. Even if you’re not interested in the industrial look, in general, metal furniture can bring out the wooden floor and create balance.


There are so many ways to style a wooden floor and to make your space look utterly gorgeous. Just know that it takes some time, and there will need to be some experimenting here and there as well. It’s all about striking up some sort of balance. Since this is your home, you should decorate it however you like, and whatever feels best for you. 


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