6 Tips for Living Your Best Life Into Your 80’s and Beyond

It is a foolish person who thinks that life begins to wind down once a person has hit forty. Maybe that would have been true several centuries ago, but this is the modern world we’re talking about, where reaching the age of one hundred is so common that the Queen of England had to expand the team of workers who send telegrams to centurions to cope with the volume of people hitting the number. So forty is nothing, and neither is fifty, and neither is sixty or beyond. You’re only as old as you feel! But there are things you can do look and feel your best as the years go by. We take a look at six tips below.


Hit the Gym


Your mind can feel as sharp as anything, but if your body isn’t able to keep up, then you’re going to have a difficult time living your best life. This is where the gym can come in. Exercising has been proven to have benefits that reach far beyond just keeping us in good shape (though of course, it does that too). It’ll give you more energy, boost your mood, and have you alert and ready to face the day. Make it part of your morning routine!



Yoga and Meditation


The gym is the most popular extracurricular “wellness” activity, but it’s not the only one. Two that are increasingly popular with those fifty and over are yoga and meditation. Yoga will help keep you agile and flexible, and function as a remedy to your body’s natural desire towards decreased mobility. If yoga takes care of the body, then meditation will take care of the mind. It helps to increase memory power, brain function, and focus better. They’re both easy to get involved in and can have incredibly positive benefits.


Looking Your Best


Who says you can’t look your best just because you’re no longer a spring chicken? Beauty knows no age. A person who has confidence in their appearance will always be more enthusiastic to live their best life, regardless of how many years they’ve got under their belt. The key to looking your best is to focus on the areas that have the biggest impact, and which are under your control, such as your hair, teeth, and skin. For your hair, visit a salon; they’ll know how to give you a style that complements your facial shape. For your teeth, take care of the general wear and tear by getting dental implants from a company like Swedish Dental. You should also have a skin routine that brushes away the signs of aging, such as using a good moisturizer, exfoliating, and limiting your alcohol and sunlight exposure.


Staying Social


There’s a common problem that impacts people once they get over the age of fifty. The amount of time they spend socializing begins to wind down, especially once they leave their job. But it’s worthwhile remembering that we’re social creatures, no matter how old we are! It brings us plenty of benefits, including keeping our minds active and boosting our mood. If it feels like you’re not spending enough time chatting with other people, then look at joining a social group. You’ve never too old to make new friends! Sites like Meetup.com can put you in touch with like-minded people, and there will also be a local community group that connects people, too.


New Challenges


When we’re younger, we’re forever taking on new challenges and seeing what we’re capable of. When we get older, this tends to wind down, but it shouldn’t end completely! You’re never too old to see just what you can achieve. By taking on challenges, you’ll be on your way to living your best life. Going on a travel adventure, working on that creative project you’ve been thinking about, or just setting yourself a personal target will all keep you moving forward. There’s a man who climbed Everest at the age of 81…you don’t have to go that far, but see what you’re capable of!


Positive Mindset


Once you get into the mindset that your best days are behind you, then the game is over! As long as you’ve got days in front of you, it’s always possible to live a happy, fulfilling life. So bring the positivity, and instead of thinking of the things that may no longer be possible, think of the things that can happen. The possibilities of life will seem much bigger, and you never know where it’ll take you!


2 thoughts on “6 Tips for Living Your Best Life Into Your 80’s and Beyond”

  1. It can be hard to adhere to measures that will extend our lives, but in the end, it is worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s so important to help older family members stay social. That goes a long way toward helping them stay healthy and happy.

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