6 Health Mistakes Women Make


Modern day women face so much pressure. They’re expected to take care of their families, work high-flying jobs, and maintain action-packed social lives, all whilst looking amazing. With so little time and so much to deal with, something is always going to suffer, and, unfortunately, this thing tends to be your health. However, without taking proper care of yourself, your busy lifestyle will become that much harder to handle. With that in mind, here are six health mistakes to avoid.


Cutting Out Your Workouts

When other responsibilities make your life busy and overwhelming, slacking on your exercise routine is the easiest way to let your schedule breathe. That being said, if you skip your daily workouts, you could put yourself at greater risk of developing a number of health issues. If you’re struggling for time, try exercising with your children or friends or attending high-intensity classes.


Wearing The Wrong Shoes

As stylish as your six-inch stilettos may be, wearing these killer shoes every day of the week can be incredibly harmful, even resulting in bone and nerve damage. Because of this, you should keep your heels for special occasions and stick to comfortable flats on regular days. When you do wear heels, make sure that you only wear them for a few hours to avoid hurting your feet.


Drinking Alcohol In Excess

Most of us like to enjoy a glass of wine to wind down after a hard day. The only issue with this is that one glass can easily turn to two and so on. This can lead to dependency, which may require professional drug and alcohol treatment. It can also increase your risk of developing cancer. For this reason, you should limit your alcohol consumption and drink water instead.


Trying Every New Diet

With social media playing such a big part in our lives, we hear about new diets almost every single day. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if they actually worked, but, more often than not, they don’t, and instead damage your health even further. If you want to be healthier or lose weight, then you have to put the effort in. No fad diet is going to offer you a miracle fix.


Catching Too Many Rays

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a glowing tan, especially throughout summer, but that doesn’t mean that you should put yourself at risk to get it. Spending hours baking on a tanning bed or sunbathing is incredibly risky, aging your skin prematurely and increasing the likelihood of your developing skin cancer. For a safer glow, you should use a tinted moisturizer or fake tanner.



Avoiding Important Health Checks

When your schedule is already jam-packed, visiting the doctor can seem like a waste of time, especially when you’re not sick. However, this isn’t an excuse to skip your annual check-ups. These preventative checks are crucial, as they offer the opportunity for doctors to spot issues you may not have noticed. This means that you can start to treat them a lot sooner.  


Your health should always be your top priority, so look after yourself by avoiding the health mistakes listed above.


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  1. I have a couple of DVD’s with 10 minute segments of exercise for those days I don’t have a lot of time. I also tend to park as far from the stores as I can so I have to increase my steps each day. You are right though, workouts are important.

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