5 Ways To Protect Your Health As You Age


As we grow older, many of us feel more comfortable in our own skin. With experience, we get to know our strengths and our talents. The problem is, our health can start to decline with age. To help you live life to the fullest, there are lots of ways to protect your health.


Boost your brain health


As we get older, our cognitive health can start to decline. To keep your brain healthy and active, practice plenty of stimulating activities. According to research from Medical News Today, ‘meditation may benefit the brain by slowing brain aging and increasing the brain’s ability to process information.’ Other useful activities include word puzzles, reading, or practicing a new language. If you’re the creative type, arts and crafts activities are another great options.


Protect your hearing health


Age-related hearing loss is a common condition, according to the NIH, ‘Approximately one in three people in the United States between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss, and nearly half of those older than 75 have difficulty hearing.’ It’s important to think about hearing loss and your health. Though hearing ability can decline with age, there are plenty of preventative measures that you can take to protect your hearing health. Avoid exposing yourself to loud sounds, 85 decibels or lower is the recommended level. Visit an ENT doctor at regular intervals. A hearing professional will be able to spot underlying problems early and provide support.


A nutritious diet


No matter how old you are, good nutrition is essential. Eating a nutrient-rich diet will boost your energy levels, and help you to maintain a healthy weight. A nutritious diet can also help to prevent certain diseases, including heart disease, some forms of cancer, and diabetes. Include lots of nutrient-rich vegetables in your diet including spinach, broccoli, kale, carrots, and green peas. Blueberries, nuts, salmon, and sweet potatoes are also packed with nutrients. Nutritional supplements like Balance of Nature may help you to
stay healthy and young as well. To help you eat a healthier diet, try these health food apps:


  • Yummly: The Yummly app provides you with access to millions of recipes, taken from the best blogs and cooking sites. There are so many healthy recipes for you to choose from, helping you to get all the nutritional advice that you need.


  • Green Kitchen: This app focuses on vegetarian and vegan recipes, it’s a great way to get more vegetables in your diet. All recipes have beautiful pictures and easy-to-follow instructions.


Stay active


A healthy exercise regime will help you to keep your body strong and flexible. Start a yoga practice, to improve your core, posture, and flexibility. With regular yoga practice, you’ll experience fewer aches and pains. Improving your core strength also reduces your chance of obtaining an injury when performing daily tasks. Running is a great way to keep fit and improve your cardiovascular health. If you run regularly, support your muscles and joints, with deep stretching or massages.


Stress coping strategies


Stress can adversely affect your mental and physical health. To keep your body and mind healthy, what you need are good coping strategies. We all have our different ways to relax, whether it’s aromatherapy, reading, or getting out amongst nature. To help you prioritize your mental health apps like Savello and Luminosity have plenty of great exercises.


With these tips for aging well, you’ll both support your body and mind. When it comes to exercise and nutrition, setting goals can help you to stay focused.


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