5 Ways to Enjoy a Rainy Autumn Day


Autumn is the perfect excuse to break out the cozy section of our wardrobes and spend the evenings wrapped up in a warm dressing gown or blanket. Now that the weather is turning colder it makes the idea of getting out of bed for work even worse and after a day spent in the cold and rain, we deserve to be able to put our feet up. If you fancy trying a couple of ways to pamper yourself this autumn, here’s the perfect evening for you.


Make some spicy treats


There’s nothing better than baking some sweet treats in the house and having the smell penetrate every corner of the home. To start off your pamper evening, why not cook some simple ginger biscuits or a warming pumpkin pie? Anything with cinnamon and ginger will make the house smell amazing and it will warm you to the core when you start to eat it later on.


Run a hot bath


A hot bath is a staple for any pamper evening because it saves you having to stand up in the shower to wash. Instead, you can run some bubble bath, get a few candles burning and bring your favorite book into the room while you soak in the tub to get nice and toasty. It will feel amazing and by the time you are out, you might even be ready for bed!


Play games to relax


Spending the evening enjoying yourself is always important when you’ve been working hard, and one way to make sure that you enjoy yourself is to play a few fun games on your phone or console to relax the mind. For example, this all-new Final Fantasy game awaits you and it is an open world game which will allow you to walk around and do missions at your own pace, which is exactly the kind of thing you want on an evening like this.


Have a hot cocoa


One of the things which a lot of people look forward to when the cold weather comes around is the ability to enjoy a good old hot chocolate. You can make a luxury hot chocolate by heating up a mixture of milk and Nutella in a pan until hot. Pour that into your glass, top it with whipped cream and don’t forget the marshmallows!


Play with beauty treatments


Pampering ourselves always has to involve a few little beauty treatments. Self-care once in a while is good for the body and the soul and it will make you feel refreshed and confident. You can apply a face mask when you leave the bath and let it soak in for 30 minutes or so before washing it off, and then you can apply toner and moisturizer for soft skin. You can also think about painting your nails an autumnal colour such as copper or gold. Spending small amounts of time making yourself feel beautiful is a great way to pamper and it will make you feel like a million dollars afterward.

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  1. On rainy, slightly chilly, Autumn days, I get the urge to cook. I’ll make soups or chili and bake cookies or brownies.

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