5 Unique Ideas for Prizes at Your Next Fundraiser

When you’re trying to raise money for a good cause, some people will donate out of the goodness of their hearts, while others will consider what they’ll potentially receive as the result of their donation. Whether it’s a silent auction for a local homeless shelter or a raffle for your child’s field trip, you can increase the financial outcome of your event by offering unique prizes that supporters will covet and gladly spend their money to win.

Dinner Theater

Instead of a gift card to a local chain restaurant, be creative and offer a reward to a diverse dining experience. Consider a certificate that provides two meals at a comedy club, lunches at an outdoor concert or an excursion on Fort Myers train rides that provide dinner theater in a moving venue that involves customers directly in the action. If you don’ have any of these options near you how about a catered dinner for two under the stars at a local park with a little violin music — how romantic.

Sports Memorabilia

Give sports fans something to covet by offering a signed jersey, poster or piece of equipment as a prize. Before you offer the item, ensure the memorabilia is authenticated to ensure it’s the real thing. If you can’t afford to purchase a piece autographed by a professional athlete, consider obtaining something from a minor league player or local sports star that might be worth a great deal someday. You can also contact athletes who have a connection with your town or with your cause and ask them to donate. You would be surprised how many people are willing to donate a signed jersey or tickets to a game for you to use as a prize.


Cleaning Service

Most everyone feels pressed for time these days, so a prize that helps them avoid common, everyday tasks is sure to be coveted. Present the winner with a session with a housecleaning professional that they can schedule whenever his house is in disarray. It can be a full house cleaning, a carpet cleaning, even a car detailing or dog grooming service, who wouldn’t love to have some of these tasks taken off their to-do list.  The professional may even donate his services for a good cause and the hope that the winner might hire him for future needs.

Personal Chef

Give the winner another time-saving gift by hiring a private chef to prepare a meal for a family in their own home. Find a cook who can prepare a wide selection of meals so the recipient can choose the type of food that she’s in the mood for. Ensure you find a professional who will bring his own cooking tools in case the winner doesn’t have a fully-stocked kitchen.

Couples Massage

If your event takes place near Valentine’s Day, consider offering a certificate for a massage for two. The winner and a significant other can spend a relaxing evening together. You can also improve the experience by adding a gift card to a nearby restaurant or bar where they can enjoy a romantic drink afterward.


Instead of gift cards to department stores or local restaurants, devise imaginative prizes for your next fundraiser. Not only will the desirable awards encourage people to buy a ticket, but they just might entice them to buy more than one.

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