5 Tips for Life After the Kids Have Left


The kids are all gone and what was once your sweet little babies are now adults with their own lives, who call and visit once in a while. You have spent the better part of your life tending to the needs of these not so tiny people you birthed, so now what? Exactly what are you supposed to do now with all this time on your hands?  Instead of filling this time with meloncoly nostalgia of photo albums and home movies or binge-watching everything on Netflix, its time to figure out positive ways to fill up your time.. 


Now that you are free from some responsibilities and can rediscover who you are. Here are some of the great ways you can enjoy your life now that the kids have flown the nest once and for all.


Discover Me-Time


Sometimes there is nothing better after a day at work than kicking off the heels, putting your slippers felt on, wrapping up in a blanket, and vegging out on the sofa. You can do that now. As a matter of fact, you can sit on your couch completely naked and eat ice cream for breakfast and Oreo’s for dinner. You don’t have to cook dinner anymore. You can order take out and sit in a warm bubble bath eating Mushu Pork. You can go out after work with friends for dinner and not have to worry about who is watching the kids.  You can sip wine and enjoy a facial or steam. Now that you have freedom enjoy it! Relax, put your feet up and enjoy the silence. If the silence is too loud then you will want to check out these other tips.


Date Night In


You don’t always have to go out in order to have a romantic date with your partner, in fact, you can make a romantic setting and have a lovely date in the comfort of your own home. One of you can choose to cook for the other or you can both make something together, and you can set the table, light candles, pour some wine and get dressed up for each other. Remember, you are alone in the house now. You can do whatever you want where ever you want and don’t have to worry about the kids catching you. You can experiment and try out some new stuff.  Remember variety is the spice of life and nothing is spicier than an adventurous love life. 




You are no longer tied down because of school schedules, soccer practice or dance recitals. You have the freedom to start ticking off items on your travel bucket list. Is there somewhere that you have always wanted to go but haven’t had the chance? What are you waiting for?  Get going! Jet off when it is cheaper to book flights and you will be able to travel across the world with your partner and have some amazing adventures. Buy or rent an RV and tour the country, take a cross-country train ride and see America. Join a tour group and make new friends while visiting new places. You can join Road Scholars (previously named Elderhostel) and enjoy learning experiences combined with travel.


Try Something New


What keeps us young and our mind strong is learning new skills. So why not take up a hobby, go back to school, or take an art class. If you want to enjoy life, try something you have never done before. Go skiing or skydiving, surfing, rock climb or horseback riding. Do things you have never tried before and discover new things about yourself. I started a blog and a craft business. You’re never too old to find a new passion or to reinvent yourself.

Go Out on the Town


If you have a quiet night and you want to go out to see your friends there is nothing stopping you. You can all meet up at your local pub for a drink or even arrange to do an activity together as a group. Start hosting a weekly girls night with your friends, or attend one of those wine and painting events. With all the new friends you’re going to be making from all the new hobbies and adventures you will not be at a loss for opportunities to socialize.


What advice do you have?

What is a new hobby/adventure you discovered?


20 thoughts on “5 Tips for Life After the Kids Have Left”

  1. I really enjoyed your post, Evelyn! This is exactly where hubby and I are right now, and I am happy about it. Love the kids dearly, but kind of fatigued with taking care of people. Parents and pets have also passed. We are just starting to take weekend trips every couple of months which is a nice start to full out travel soon. Last year we took a Caravan tour out West to Mt. Rushmore and will eventually work out way to European river cruises within the next few years. My blog is also part of my reinvention, it is just 2-1/2 months old, I really enjoy the tech challenge and interacting with people from all over the world to keep my brain and skills sharp. Thanks again, visit me soon 🙂

    Lori Jo – 50 With Flair

  2. What a fun article! Loved it.
    For me, although I am neither artistic nor crafty, I have been playing with art journaling, jewelry making and basket making. Some of the things I find myself creating are lovely! The art journaling is more just playing – it’s not supposed to be product-oriented.
    I just love the idea of having time to try new things!

  3. Hi Evelyn and welcome to Midlife Share the Love Party. I was one of those who didn’t really get hung up on the empty nest. Life can be so wonderful for women to discover themselves again, once the responsibilities of family and even work are left behind. I agree with all of your tips and the exciting thing is that many women I am meeting are embracing life and starting to live. Thanks for sharing with us at #MLSTL and I will be sharing on social media. I hope to see you next week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. Some fantastic advice, Evelyn. My husband and I have been empty-nesters for more than a decade now. We are both still working, so not completely free, but we definitely enjoy the freedom to cook what we want (or not cook at all), to travel on short notice, or to watch a movie for mature audiences in the early evening. We are lucky in that our children and grandchildren are close enough that we enjoy their company often, but also have our own space. The best of both worlds. I found this post on #MLSTL.

  5. I completely agree with you Evelyn – there are soooo many things we’re free to do now that we don’t have dependent children. I love that we don’t have to worry about them every minute of the day (just now and then) and that we are free to come and go to our hearts’ content. Nobody to plan meals around, nobody driving like a lunatic, nobody breaking up with their boyfriend, no exam results, just peace and quiet and the joy of seeing them grown and flown – and visiting them now and then is lovely too!
    Thanks for linking up with us on #MLSTL – I’ve shared this on my SM x

  6. Great tips! I agree with all of them. Traveling has been what we’ve done the most since the kids moved out. My other suggestion would be to get a pet so you have something to baby again. Adopting a kitten made the world of difference for me.

  7. We like to take Day Dates at the movies. We enjoy going to the movies, but the theater can get crowded at night, so we love to go on a weekday to enjoy a movie. It fits into my husband’s schedule because he has a day off during the week.

  8. These are some nice ideas. So far we haven’t gotten bored after a couple of years of retirement. We travel some and date night is going out to dinner because we eat in all the time and forget about eating out. lol

  9. Really nice ideas. Being an empty nester and retired can be doubly challenging, so hubby and I always try to plan ahead and have something to look forward to. We love date nights in the kitchen, learning new skills, and traveling. Structure and purpose contribute to overall contentment, but it’s nice to know that it can be achieved in many ways that do not include kids!

  10. Great tips – and, I agree, trying new things is wonderful during this season. Stretch out of our comfort zone and routine. It is great physically and mentally and there are so many fun, new experiences to try as a couple!

  11. I am a long way off this yet, i cant imagine my house without kids being around. Ive been a mum since I was 17 so to not be needed 24/7 is going to take some getting used to

  12. Good tips here. i have taken up arts and crafts, blogging of course and recently I have also started vlogging. I don’t quite know what I will do when I retire but that is still a few years away.
    visiting via the BloggersPitStop linkup

  13. Great advice although I don’t have any kids so I guess it doesn’t really apply to me. Maybe someday I’ll have kids and then I can come back when they are 18 and use your advice.

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