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5 Life Lessons from a Hamster


One of the first pets my children ever had was a hamster.  I have four children and we have owned many hamsters during the years. I think pets teach valuable life lessons. Here are a few we learned from the hamsters.

Sh*t happens and someone has to clean it up.


Hey! Hey! Housekeeping! My room needs servicing.

You can fit more in your mouth then you thought.


Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean its nice.


Sometimes you have to create your own joy.


Life is full of surprises.



What life lessons have your pets taught you?



13 thoughts on “5 Life Lessons from a Hamster”

  1. omgosh this is soooo funny and soooo true! We have had hamster pets that have showed us the way of the rodent… their teeth are sharp and they are fast, lol !

  2. I haven’t ever had a hamster before. I grew up with cats and a dog. They have taught me about unconditional love and they love me for me. I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  3. Love it! Having pets and learning to care for them is such an essential part of growing up. I have learned that threatening to force a child to clean a kitty litter box or scoop dog crap in the yard is a marvelous deterrent to bad behavior. You’re welcome, everybody. 😉

  4. My cat, Dinnybones, taught me that if I don’t get out of bed and feed him, he will sit at the foot of my bed and keep meowing.

  5. LOVED THIS!!!!! Found your site via the Wine’d Down Wednesday link party. Really glad I did!!! That little back flipping hamster just made my day! And as for the eyeball…lol!!!
    Thanks for the funny take on life lessons.

  6. We have had/do have many different kinds of pets over the years. We are constantly learning from them. Sometimes they are more well behaved than we are.

  7. I used to block off areas and let my hammies run around and have fun. Sure, they left a few poop particles, but they’re so small it’s no biggie! Just watch out for your wires, they love to munch!

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