5 Cities to Visit East of the Mississippi

There are so many different sides to America, so if you want to see more of the country, whether you’re from here or not, you should head off the beaten path and explore some of the lesser appreciated spots. We all know how great New York, Atlanta, and Miami are, but what about the places people don’t talk about quite so much when they discuss places in America to visit? You’d be missing out if you didn’t explore a few of these underappreciated locations. So read on to find out more about 5 of them.

Buffalo, New York


When you’re in the state of New York visiting, you tend to head straight for New York City, but maybe that’s a mistake. In upstate New York, you’ll find Buffalo, the second largest city in New York. The buildings and streets here can rival anything you’ll find in Manhattan thanks to the art deco stylings on display. It’s truly one of the most pretty cities in America, and it’s a joy and a pleasure to walk around it. While in Buffalo make sure to visit, the botanical garden, the zoo, and Niagra Falls, also a hidden gem, the eternal flame waterfall in Chestnut Ridge Park

Asheville, NC

Asheville is a city located in the western part of North Carolina.  It is nestled in the beautiful Appalachian mountains so it is surrounded by lots of natural beauty. There is no shortage of hiking trails or spectacular views here.  You might not have even heard of Ashville, but it has a huge art and music scene you don’t want to miss. When in Asheville be sure to stop by the Biltmore Estates and if you happen to be there on a Friday join the drum circle downtown at Pritchard Park.


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Pittsburgh, PA

Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins can all be found in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the heart of steel country and has some of the best food around.  Stop in at Sammy’s and get what I think is the best ruben in the burg.  Must see in Pittsburgh besides catching a game are Randyland, the Andy Warhol Museum, and the Carnegie Science Center. Pittsburgh often gets a bad rap but it truly is a beautiful city located and the convergence of several rivers. 

Louisville, KY

Louisville is comfortably the biggest city in Kentucky, and it sits next to the Ohio River running past. It has everything from parks and green spaces to a museum about the history of the baseball bat. It has something for pretty much everyone, including a great art and entertainment scene. And you can’t miss out on the southern cuisine either. It’s quickly becoming one of the top food cities in America.

Burlington, VT

Vermont is undoubtedly a beautiful and quaint part of the country, so if you really want to make the most of what America has to offer and see the best of it, you really need to head to Burlington. As far as many people are concerned, this is quintessential Vermont. It’s next to Lake Champlain, making it a great place for walks during the summer months, or any month for that matter.


There are so many interesting and unexpected areas to explore in America, so even if you think you’ve seen it all and been to all the places that are worth visiting, you’re probably wrong about that. As these 5 fantastic locations prove, there’s much more to America than you expect and remember always travel off the beaten path to find the real heart of America. 

What city would you add to this list?

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