4 Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible

Sometimes it’s good to consider everyone outside of the home when they’re coming to visit. Not every home is accessible friendly, and you may have family members who are disabled or need to have things in place to get around the home easily. Here are some tips for making your home more accessible and friendly.


Install A Ramp

A ramp is a great way of making your home more accommodating for those who are in a wheelchair. You may have found yourself recently at a point where you need to install one due to a family member being injured and either permanently being in a wheelchair or temporarily. If you don’t have the money to install a ramp, then there are some fold-away wheelchair ramps that might be suitable, particularly if you’re not having to accommodate anyone who is in a wheelchair and lives in your home. Having a temporary setup can be very beneficial for those in a wheelchair though, and need access to your home. It doesn’t cost much, but it makes all the difference in how that person will feel when they realize they don’t have to struggle.


Threshold ramp


Remove Door Steps

Doorsteps can be a pain for wheelchair users but also for those whose mobility might not be what it used to be. When it’s difficult to bring your foot up very far for those with mobility issues, they can often come in contact with the doorstep because it sticks out. That can cause those individuals to trip over if they’re not careful, and that’s what you want to try and avoid where possible. Remove the doorsteps as long as they can be removed and won’t cause any further issues.


Widen Any Door Frames

Widening your door frames is a good idea when you have wheelchair users in the household but it’s also good when there’s ever an injury, and someone’s on crutches. Some doors are particularly narrow and it can make for a squeeze when trying to get through each room with ease. You don’t need to make every door frame wide, though if it’s not needed, just the ones that are necessary. You can easily get these widened on your existing door frames as they usually have a bit of room in them once you take the original frame off.


Have A Stair Lift

For those who struggle to get up the stairs multiple times a day, a stairlift can be very useful. There are great benefits to using a stairlift, especially when you’ve got people living in the home that need that support to get themselves up the stairs quickly and safely. They are expensive to install, but they can certainly be very beneficial to help you get up and down the stairs without much effort.



As well as handling bars for toilets and showers, there’s plenty of other access products and features that you can install in your home to help everyone who lives and comes into your home on a daily basis.


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