5 Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling

Does it feel like it’s taking an age to sell your property? If you put your home on the market a long time ago and you’ve still not managed to attract a buyer, you might be wondering where exactly you’re going wrong.

Keep reading to discover four reasons why your house may not be selling, as well as tips that could help you to finally get the outcome you want.

  1. It needs a deep clean

First impressions count when people view properties, and so if your home could do with a deep clean, people might struggle to see its potential. From stains and dirt to unpleasant odors, these problems could be putting people off your house. As it states on the website of cash home buying company www.fastsaleflorida.com/, if the interior of your home doesn’t look its best, you’ll need to make it more presentable in order to attract a buyer on the open market.

From using carpet shampoos to placing fresh new throws over tired-looking couches, to using air fresheners, there might be a whole range of simple but effective steps you could take to clean up the look and feel of your property.

  1. Your décor isn’t doing it

Whether it’s textured wallpaper, popcorn ceilings, or unusual color choices, certain types of décor tend to put potential buyers off. When people view properties, they’re often looking for a blank canvass that they can quickly and easily put their own stamp on. This means it’s best to steer clear of bold or retro décor and instead make sure your rooms have a simple, neutral look.

If you’re thinking of redecorating to try to lure a buyer, it’s generally best to go for pale colors that make rooms appear light and spacious.  

  1. It’s too damaged

Damage caused by flooding, high winds, or anything else makes a home harder to sell. After all, most people want to avoid the hassle of having to make major renovations after they buy. Even lowering the asking price might not be enough to tempt anyone into making an offer.

So, if your budget can cover it, it may be wise to make some repairs to your property. Bear in mind though, before you splash your cash on renovations, it’s important to make sure that the work you do will be a good investment. If your fix-up job will cost you more than you’re likely to make back in terms of increased value, it might not make financial sense to go ahead with the project. 

  1. Your asking price is too high

Setting your asking price too high can be a major barrier to selling up. If you’re struggling to get people to simply view your property, this could well be the problem. Even if your realtor has advised you to market your home at its current price, it could be the thing that’s holding you back.

It’s useful to check the prices that other similar houses in your area are selling for and ensure your home falls in line with them. If you decide your asking price is excessive, there’s no shame in lowering it.

   5. Your House is Not Showing Good

Has your agent or a potential buyer told you that your house is not showing well? This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your house it just means that it’s not appealing to the average buyer.  You may want to hire a staging company to help with the placement of furniture and decor to make the house look more appealing during a showing or you may want to hire a real estate photographer to take some professional-looking photos for ads.  

An alternative approach

Addressing these problems should help you to achieve a sale more quickly. However, if you don’t want to or can’t make these changes, it’s important to realize that there’s an alternative. Rather than trying to sell through a traditional realtor, you can approach a cash buyer. These companies will make an instant offer on your home regardless of its condition. If you agree to the offer, you can complete the sale in as little as just over a week – and as an added bonus, you’ll avoid paying realtor fees or closing costs.

The important thing when it comes to selling your home is to know which pitfalls to avoid and to make sure you’re aware of all your options.

Do you have any advice for selling your home?


8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling”

  1. My mother in law has to sell her house and almost everything you listed is wrong with her place – the “old lady” decor, the bits and pieces that are damaged that she doesn’t notice – and the CLUTTER that she refuses to downsize. It’s a nightmare all round and one we continue to battle as we try to move her into somewhere smaller and more suitable – agghhhhh!

    1. One woman’s clutter is another woman’s memories. 🙂 When my Aunt and Uncle downsized my cousin asked them real blunt, what did they think was going to happen to all this stuff when they died because he and his siblings didn’t want it? Really made them and me reassess the stuff I keep.

  2. I’ve had my house on the market for 17 days now and only had 2 showings. My house is clean, decluttered and has simple decor. It’s even priced similarly to other houses in the area. Of course I could lower the price, but right now the price is set to cover the realtor fees.

    1. Have you done an open house? Also, you could host a cookout or get together with people who might be interested in buying or for other realtors so they will bring their clients to see it.

  3. Great advice. Sometimes homeowners don’t see or smell what is wrong with their home. Thank you for sharing this advice. Happy Summer, Kippi

  4. These are excellent points to keep in mind. It also helps to bring in a good friend who can take a look at your home objectively and tell you frankly what things they see as dealbreakers.

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