4 Gifts for the Working Woman in Your Life

No doubt you’ve spent the majority of your life working, which means you’ve seen the way the world has changed. For a lot of us, things are so different from how they used to be in workplaces when we first started out. There’s so much technology around that’s meant to make things easier, but it can sometimes make things much harder!

As such, I’ve created this short list of a few excellent tools that modern working women will find highly useful:


AI Assistant

I know you’ve all seen those fancy little gadgets that go in the home and you can speak to them. Alexa is the most popular one, and it’s the type of thing your kids probably use all the time! But, the modern working woman can call upon one of these AI Assistants as well. Essentially, you can use them to search for things for you just by talking to them. If you’re a slow typer – which a lot of us tend to be because we didn’t grow up with computers – then this is such an excellent tool for you. Just say a few words, and it displays the results for you; simple!

Document Search Apps

If you work in an office or do anything where you’re reading documents all day long, then you probably find it hard to pick out vital bits of information without reading everything. But, if you get a PDF search tool, you can easily pick out all the key info just by searching for certain words or phrases in the document. It’s a great way of using technology to your advantage and getting it to actually help you! As a result, you will save so much time at work.


Massaging Chair Pillow

This isn’t so much a practical tool as it is a tool to make your working life far more comfortable. A lot of women who sit at a desk all day, struggle with general aches and pains, particularly in the lower back. For some, this is just the norm after struggling through multiple pregnancies. For others, it’s actually the result of sitting at a desk for most of your life! Either way, a massaging chair pillow fits behind your lower back and provides smooth vibrations that massage your muscles. It relieves pain and tension, helping you focus on your work and feel less stiffness at your desk. You can even opt for a new office chair that includes all the bells and whistles. 


Lastly, you should get your hands on an e-reader or tablet device. These things are great for reading documents on as you can zoom in as much as you want to stop straining your eyes. Speaking of which, e-readers are especially great as they use a different type of technology that means you’re not looking at a super bright screen for too long. This can help protect your eyesight, but it also gives you a whole library full of books to read on your breaks or during your commute to/from the office!

As the world around you changes, there’s no need to be afraid and throw in the towel! With these tools, you can adapt to the modern demands of working life and start getting the most out of the final stretch in your career.

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