4 De-stressing Tips (That Don’t Get Mentioned Often Enough)


In life, no one enjoys the sensation of being stressed and feeling overwhelmed – but these are things that everyone has to contend with at various points, and to various degrees.


There are all sorts of things that we all tend to do in order to help ourselves destress, regain a sense of balance, and feel more in control of our destiny in a variety of different ways, ranging from things like watching College Football, to going on spa retreats, or just sleeping in on the weekend and enjoying some light entertainment TV.


At the same time, though, there are actually all sorts of effective tips for de-stressing that just don’t get mentioned often enough, but which can be extremely powerful in a number of ways.


Without further ado, here are some distressing tips that don’t get mentioned often enough, but that can potentially change your life for the better.


Go for a long walk somewhere green


Going for a long walk in a green natural setting can be a really transformational experience, especially if you make a habit of doing it on a regular basis.


Walking in nature is one of the best ways of getting your attention into the present moment, and connecting with a sense of the harmony, immediacy, and beauty of the natural world – as opposed to simply ruminating and dwelling on your own negative thoughts and concerns.


What’s more, according to experts such as the botanist and biochemist Diana Beresford-Kroeger, spending time in forests and other natural settings can have remarkable benefits for physical health as well, for all sorts of reasons we don’t fully understand – but that at least partly has to do with the healing compounds that trees release into their surroundings.


If you’re stressed and find yourself feeling overwhelmed because of different complex events in your life, you may find it pretty difficult to find the motivation to go for a stroll in the great outdoors. But if you actually do it, you can expect to feel much better and more balanced.


Eat well (and make sure your meals includes plenty of carbs)


Carbs are seen as something of a boogeyman in modern darting circles, but among other things, eating a low-carb diet is associated with increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and heightened stress response as a whole.


If you are chronically stressed out, simply making sure that you are feeding yourself enough, and at regular intervals, and that your meals include a reasonable amount of carbs, may really help.


Things like diet and sleep can have a very substantial effect on your baseline mood, stress tolerance, and more. So make sure that you are paying proper heed to these important factors in your own well-being.


Work to get ahead of the curve


When people think of reducing stress, they typically don’t think of doing more work – and certainly, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of maintaining a proper balance between work and relaxation, and making sure to not burn yourself out.


At the same time, however, if you are behind with various deadlines, feel that you can never actually gain an edge, and have been procrastinating with all sorts of chores, personal projects, and errands for a significant amount of time, doing some extra work to actually get ahead of the curve can be one of the most powerful things you can do with regards to reducing stress and enhancing your sense of positivity and capability.


Often in life, it’s difficult to find ways to get more done in less time. While you should certainly structure your routine so that you aren’t burning yourself out and working around the clock, it may be that you first need to work extra hard for a period of time to achieve that state of equilibrium.


Spend time with people you love


Spending time with people you love is frequently one of the best things in the world for helping to re-establish a sense of connection, balance, harmony, and greater well-being.


Ultimately, many of the things that bother and frustrate us over the course of everyday life are fleeting at best in the grand scheme of things. But our loved ones are profoundly important – and cherishing them is at the heart of what life is really all about.


By spending more time with the people you love, you can often experience a much greater sense of well-being, can de-stress dramatically, and can get a much better perspective on what’s truly meaningful to you on a deeper level.

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