3 Ways to Help Yourself When You’re a Frazzled Parent


We all feel the pinch as far as stress is concerned. When we have pressures, we can feel that we are fighting the tide. If you are one of those parents that has a child later in life, you may find yourself having to juggle being a parent while also maintaining a full-time job. When we work hard to get to a certain position in life but we have children that are prone to tantrums or stress us out, we can feel that we are about to snap. But this is why we need to learn to prioritize self-care for us but also make sure that we manage our stress efficiently.

If We Look Good, We Feel Good

It is such a little thing but as a frazzled parent, we may feel that we just don’t have time to prioritize how we look. But rule number one in the art of self-preservation is if you look good, this will go some way to make you feel better about yourself. Whether this is getting a retainer to have straighter teeth so you don’t stress about that one crooked tooth, or you take the opportunity to lay out your clothes the night before, making yourself look good is a very simple way to boost your self-confidence. When we think better of ourselves, this can give us the little dose of confidence we need to power through the day.

Take Time for Yourself

We seldom take the opportunity to hit the reset button. When we don’t have much time for ourselves, we can gradually begin to view ourselves as less of a priority. But you don’t have to take long to prioritize yourself. Even if you’re doing 10 minutes in the evening, it gives you the perfect opportunity to decompress. The most important thing is to do something that is completely for you that you can envelop yourself in. Something like a meditative practice can seem like a lot of effort at the outset, but it’s one of those things that can almost immediately switch on the relaxation button after a bad day. Another quick route to destressing is deep breathing exercises like those promoted by Wim Hof, which can calm your nervous system and reinvigorate you.

Find the Fun

When we are so busy and stressed, everything seems serious. It’s so important to learn from our children that playtime and fun is essential. When we choose things to do with our kids that make us feel happy, we will feel better about ourselves and we will be able to cope better with our children’s behaviors. Sometimes if we have a child that is a bit too much for us, by engaging them, we are just getting an understanding of how they operate better, but we are also improving our relationship with them. When we are stressed we can find it easier to run away from situations, especially when it comes to our children, but if we can start to engage with them or we will understand them better but also ensure we find the keys to fun.


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