3 Fun Things To Do With Your Partner During Lockdown

If you are stuck at home with your partner and you are running out of box sets to watch on Netflix, the chances are that boredom is beginning to set in. The Covid-19 crisis has led to a new normal being forged within families but the sudden shift that we have had to make has not been easy. Working from home sounds like bliss initially, but people are quickly missing the camaraderie of office banter and even the commute into work. While you might be saving money, your mental well being might not be as healthy as you’d like. Being at home with your partner for so many hours in a day can lead to a shift in dynamics within your relationship. To ensure that you morph to the new normal successfully, you need to enjoy some fun activities together as a couple.


Laugh Together


While coronavirus has brought with it misery and economic uncertainty, it’s vital that you don’t become depressed. Use your partner as a sounding board, rant, and laugh together. Watch some comedies on the TV, play some old school board games, and enjoy chatting like you used to back in the early days. Get to know your partner once again. Laugh while playing the game of Twister, enjoy some Pictionary, and have a giggle when looking at old photos. 


Have those deep and meaningful chats like you used to before the world of social media kicked in. You can understand other people better with the Enneagram test, so why not give it a go with your loved one and see how accurate it is? It should tell you about their personality type and what motivates them.


Get Outdoors


Forget about holing up in your humble abode and consider getting outdoors. While you might not head out on a couples jog, a gentle stroll somewhere pleasant could help you to soak up the natural rays of the sun, increasing your Vitamin D and helping to lift your mood. Being at one with nature gives you the opportunity to tear yourself away from the screens and spend some quality time together. You could meet up with pals at a social distance, catch up over a picnic in the park, and enjoy some sort of social life once again. You might want to head out on a bike ride, a hike, or simply a drive to get out of the house and see somewhere new.


Learn Together


While it’s tempting to head onto Facebook or watch a movie, think about doing something more productive as a couple. Think about learning a new language together ready for the big trip that you’re planning for 2021. You might fancy heading online to complete some online tutorials in Japanese. Or perhaps you fancy taking up the guitar. Doing this as a couple means you are more motivated to continue. Alternatively, you might want to learn how to bake, paint, or build a shed. Whatever it is that you want to become proficient in, there will be online courses available for free to help you develop a close bond as a couple.


Lockdown doesn’t have to be boring. Check out these fun things to do with your partner and enjoy the quality time you share together.

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