3 Fantastic Destinations For A Relaxing Vacation


People look for different things when they go on a vacation. Some people are travelers who are looking to explore the world. Other people are looking for a relaxing break from the noise of the “real world”. As we get older, most of us fall in the latter category. And if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation at some point in the near future then these U.S. destinations are the best places to visit. They’re picturesque locations with plenty to see and do (or not do, depending on how relaxing you want your vacation to be).


Miami, Florida.

Miami is the epitome of a relaxing city vacation in the states. It’s a stunning coastal city with plenty of smooth beaches, glitzy hotels, and incredible views. You might want to consider options to rent boats in Miami. Taking a relaxing cruise around the city will give you a brilliant snapshot of Miami in its entirety. Of course, you’ll probably want to get off and explore some of the places for yourself. Make sure you visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. They’re absolutely beautiful. It’s not just a mesmerizing villa with luscious gardens surrounding it; there’s a lot of history here. The antiques from all over Europe tell a story, so there’s a lot to be learned by visiting this fantastic historic building.


Buffalo, New York.

NYC is the place to be in the state of New York, right? Well, it’s a great city for sightseeing but not necessarily the best city for a relaxing vacation. Buffalo, the second largest city in the state, is a better destination for anyone looking to take a relaxing and enjoyable break away from the chaos of most modern cities. The city has just as many stunning buildings to admire as New York City, but there are fewer people crowding the streets, so you can explore the city much more easily. Make sure you see the zoo, the botanical garden, and the fantastic Niagara Falls which sits on the border with Canada. It’s truly a stunning city and the perfect place for a relaxing vacation in the U.S. NYC is still great, but Buffalo is the place for a quiet trip.


San Francisco, California.

San Francisco is such a unique and idyllic city. It’s a wonderful place to explore if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation. It’s very quaint compared to many Californian cities. You’ll find hilly roads with gentle cable cars that run and down them, and there are plenty of pleasant boat rides to Alcatraz Island. The island boasts a fascinating history, but it’s also very beautiful (now). There are plenty of colorful gardens with their own unique ecosystem. Obviously, you also need to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. You can’t miss out on an experience like that. You might think you’ve already experienced it by seeing it in pictures, but it’s one of those iconic landmarks that’s even more impressive in person. It’s a stunning piece of architecture that lives up to expectations.

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  1. We’ve been to these states, but have not had the pleasure of going to Buffalo. I am sure that there are so many sights we have unfortunately missed! I still want to visit Hawaii!!
    My husband and I fall in the category of the older folks! We would be looking for a relaxing break from the noise of the “real world”.
    I pinned this to show the 3 travel locations worth visiting. Thank you for sharing!

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