3 Embarrassing Things that Happen To Everyone


Almost anything can be potentially embarrassing in the right (or wrong) context and a specific set of circumstances, and while it might be socially acceptable to laugh at particular things that are deemed to be funny to an outsider, for the person it has happened to it can be a living nightmare.

But one thing that you must remember if anything embarrassing happens to you is that it happens to everyone. Maybe not right now or in the past, but at some point it will. Some of the most common situations you shouldn’t be embarrassed about are:

  • Wetting yourself
  • Falling over
  • Freudian Slip

Being caught short is just a simple act of nature. You might have drunk too much juice before getting in the car, or you might simply laugh too hard and something leaks while falling over can happen for many reasons. The embarrassing slip of one’s tongue usually occurs when you have had a bit too much wine but can also insert itself into any daily situation.

Happens to Everyone

From simple bladder leakage, as is the case with women who have given birth before, to the genuine medical condition of incontinence, wetting yourself is seen as a truly embarrassing issue. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many reasons why you might wet yourself and while this can happen at any age, it is mostly associated with young children and getting older while being more common in women. 

Even laughing a little too hard at a great joke has been known to be the cause of leakage and if everyone is honest with themselves, it has happened or will happen to most people at some point. There are many health products aimed at women for issues like this but adult diapers for men are also sold and marketed.

Like any medical condition, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about incontinence or leaks since it is always involuntary, and there’s nothing you can do about it until it has happened. In some people, the nerves and muscles that support the bladder can weaken either following an injury, as part of the aging process, or sometimes with being overweight. Should you find yourself with this condition you can simply use adult absorption products, limit your fluid intake and always make sure you have cleaning products and fresh underwear with you.

Best Just Own It

Taking a tumble can be seen as a genuinely funny act, so long as nobody is hurt, but when we do find ourselves falling down it can be extremely embarrassing to us. Why should it though? Like most embarrassing things in life, a trip is associated with being physically unstable such as when we are children. Doing something seen as childish when we are adults can be a huge blow to confidence and self-esteem because of the sense of loss of control.

But sometimes a trip or fall just happens and for many reasons. Most of the time it is because of something beyond our control such as an uneven surface, something that has been carelessly left sticking out or loss of balance as we age

Falling down can also be very serious as you can hit your head or injure something else but the best thing to do, unless you are hurt, is just own it. There is no funnier trip than when someone acknowledges it and bounces back up as a part of the joke itself.

Watch Your Tongue

This might be one of the more serious embarrassing things that can happen because it usually conveys what we are really thinking. A Freudian Slip is so-called because it was the genius psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud who developed the concept which is basically that we often unintentionally state something of the unconscious.

The analysis of the unconscious mind was a big part of Freud’s repertoire and has since become a widely studied and massively controversial subject from people such as Carl Jung, who was actually Freud’s protege. Carl Jung theorized that we act mostly from the unconscious mind while not even being aware of it.

Back to the slip though, we have all done it. Most of the time a Freudian Slip occurs when our guards and inhibitions are down when we are a little drunk and talkative for example. But they can happen all of the time and the funny thing about them is that they are usually something really personal and embarrassing such as revealing a secret crush or a guilty pleasure

Unfortunately, a Freudian Slip is part of human nature and unless you try really hard to actively monitor every word you say, you won’t be able to stop it. As Carl Jung stated: “ Unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.


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