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12 Pinnable Quotes from Women Writers on Writing

12 Quotes from Women Writers on Writing


Last updated on May 6th, 2018

Looking for some writing inspiration check out these 12 quotes from women writers on the writing process.

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  1. Those pinnable quotes from women writers on writing are much helpful for me. I’m trying to finish my essay but I almost run out of ideas. Meg Cabot’s advice is just what I need now. Maybe, it takes time to start all again by my own writing style, but I love so.

    1. I am glad you found them helpful.

  2. The Atwood quote is my favorite.

    1. Are you going to watch the Handmaids Tale next month? I can’t wait to see how Hulu handles it. I have high hopes for it.

      1. I won’t be watching. I don’t use Hulu and I’m sure it will be too scary for me. I’m prone to nightmares and reality is already scary enough…

        1. Reality is pretty scary right now that’s for sure.

  3. Those pinnable quotes from The Atwood is much helpful for me. Happy weekend!

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