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Memos Post-Its and Scraps of Paper #SoCS EclecticEvelyn.com
Memo, Post-its, and Scraps of Paper
Memos to myself. Post-it notes stuck everywhere. Little note pads with lists for everyone. Scraps of paper with phone numbers
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Echos of a Life EclecticEvelyn.com
Echos of a Life
The whir of the air conditioner The hum of the refrigerator The deafening sound of silence Straining to hear the
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Salvation through Discipline
When you’re a writer the first thing you do in the morning is write even if it’s just one sentence
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Rise Up EclecticEvelyn.com
Rise Up
Deep inside I am dark and raging the medication keeps it from bubbling to the surface but it is there
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Inspiration from a Dirty Plaster Wall
I was looking through some old writing notebooks today and came across this. The intoxicating scent of sandalwood and myrrh
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Evelyn Dortch writing
Bright Winter Morning
It is another glorious Appalachian day. The sun is shining and a cold wind is blowing outside, while inside I
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The 4-Plex EclecticEvelyn.com
The 4-Plex
Living in a 4-plex has its ups and downs, pun intended. The revolving sets of neighbors, and the fact that
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Nikki Giovanni
Today in the A to Z Challenge is I. Guess you are wondering what Nikki Giovanni has to do with
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Writing Blindfolded
My Writing
Writing is something I do alone. It is a time to think my own thoughts in my own head. Explore
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a fried egg with a face
Two Plastic Eggs
Two plastic eggs On a fake china plate Two embryos Vying for life in a petri dish Two ideas Whose
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Stick and Stay EclecticEvelyn.com
Stick and Stay #SoCS
The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week is “stick”. Stick hum…the first thing that comes to mind is
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Adrift EclecticEvelyn.com
There are times that I am lost, adrift in a sea of emotions that I cannot identify. A small vessel
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Gathering Nuts for Winter #SOCS EclecticEvelyn.com
#SOCS- Gathering Nuts for the Winter
What popped into my mind when I read that today’s prompt was “coin” was the term to “coin a phrase” Exactly
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N #AtoZChallenge EclecticEvelyn.com
N is for Narrative Poetry
Narrative poetry tells a story. It is usually written in metered verse and is dramatic with objectives and diverse characters.
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Narcissistic Views EclecticEvelyn,com
Narcissistic Views
When this poem first came to me, I thought it was about a prior relationship. The more I looked at
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Breakfast Alone EclecticEvelyn.com
Breakfast Alone
“I tire so easily now, It must be the weather” She knew it wasn’t the weather.  It was her life.
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