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Hello, August! It’s time to share my favorites from Instagram for July. It’s is hard to pick just a few so, for July I focused more on the photograph than on the subject. These are spectacular photographs that remind you of something you would see in a book, magazine, or a museum.

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"All about that bass"

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I don’t usually share more than one photo from an account but this photographer is amazing and most of his photos are taken in West Virginia. If you like beautiful photography and interesting portraits this guy is the one you want to follow.



New York, je t'aime

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Just a touch-up 💄

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Portrait of an elderly Turkana woman in remote village in Isiolo. Her community has suffered under the harsh effects of climate change as they have been able to cultivate their land. Most of the men who hail from this village had, many months ago, driven their cattle in search of pasture due to the extended dry season that has hit the area. #humanitarianphotography #climatechange #drought #portraiture #lifeofadocumentaryphotographer #ig_kenya #igkenya #igafrica #portrait #natgeo #nationalgeographic #everydaypeople #reportagespotlight #vsco_africa #vsco #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #igersworldwide #monochrome #vscoblackandwhite #igersblackandwhite #runningoutofhashtags #nikon #nikonphotography #gettyreportage #fstoppers

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Truck. West Asheville, NC. #asheville #northcarolina #truck

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Today, between the podcasts I listened to 👂🏻 and the journaling I did, 📝 I was inspired by the word "giving." Then I went to pay my credit card bill and was overwhelmed with gratitude 🙏🏻 that I had significant cash flow 💸 left in my account after completely paying off the balance. 💳 . A part of my brain still naturally turns to scarcity. "I should save this for when I need to buy anniversary or Christmas gifts." Ummm… REALLY, Brit?! 3+ months away?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ How about you just start making the impact you want to make in the world 🌎 and then go make some more? 💰 #entrepreneurlife #canttakeitwithyou . So I went and donated $100 to my favourite animal charity (Rescue Me! Australian Cattle Dogs). 🐶 These babies get displaced A LOT. Those who work on farms often aren't valued as pets. 🐮 And those who are pets are often "too high maintenance" or get disposed of when kids come into the picture because of perceived aggression. 😭 . If the whole purpose for my business is to become financially secure enough to help more animals, then why not help more animals NOW?! 🤔 Is it not the law of the universe that once an object is in motion, it stays in motion? Will I not attract more of what I focus on? Will I not be provided with everything I need to continue increasing my impact? . So I chose faith over fear, knowing that each little step I take in the right direction is building momentum, and that I will attract everything I need to completely change the way our pets are loved and cared for. . From the girl who was drowning in medical debt and had to start a GoFundMe to afford Daisy's ACL surgery (you can still look it up!! 🙈) to the girl who's finally able to pay back that debt to society. It feels DAMN GOOD to be moving in the right direction. 😍 #YOUCANTOO . What legacy are YOU working to leave? I wanna hear about your mission!! Let's fight the good fight together 👊🏻 #makeadamndifference #onelifetolive #dontwasteit

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PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

Look to your fencepost for the warning. Happy #fencepostFriday Vibe💤 Folks

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You can do anything you want – you just have to try ❤️🐾🐶 #surfing #surfingdog

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Tired of trail pics, yet? #exploretheworld #52weeks52trails #katytrail #missouri

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Sexy evening light

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Portrait of my Mother

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