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    Children are NOT Collateral Damage

    When did it become accepted that children are collateral damage? When did the powers sit down and say children are expendable? In what back room, boardroom, golf course, country club gathering did everyone agree that it was okay to sacrifice children on the alter of corporate greed?  In what nightmare of insanity did the world decide it was okay to kill children, to turn children into soldiers and sex slaves? Why are children a target of the elite, of the powers that be?  Why is this the new face of war?   Khartoon – Choices OmranDaqneesh 5 pulled from under the ruins, AylanKurdi 3 drowned in the Mediterranean Syria pic.twitter.com/Y4XQgfKgHt…

  • The Loss of Prince and Amy EclecticEvelyn.com

    The Loss of Prince and Amy

    On the day Prince died, a little girl named Amy was murdered in a bathroom at her high school. I want to apologize to Amy that I did not give her the attention she deserved. I was too busy thinking about my lost youth and how Prince had been a large part of my teenage soundtrack. While I was reminiscing about my high school boyfriend you were being beaten to death at your high school. I’m not sure what the connection is I’m trying to make but it is extremely sad that while an entire generation was thinking about the joys of first love you were dying for one. It’s…