Spider Veins EclecticEvelyn.com

Spider Veins

Spider veins run up her thighs and disappear somewhere under her skirt. She hates this uniform. She hates this job. She hates the smells and the […]

Rise Up EclecticEvelyn.com

Rise Up

Deep inside I am dark and raging the medication keeps it from bubbling to the surface but it is there waiting to rise up and seek […]

The Riverside Speech EclecticEvelyn.com

The Riverside Speech

There could be no greater writing prompt on January 15th then leadership.  January 15th is the birthday of a great leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. […]

Those Who Came Before

During his final #SOTU address, the 2016 State of the Union speech, President Obama gave a nod to those who came before. So, my fellow Americans, whatever […]

In America http://amzn.to/1MZVJBj

In America

The first movie title that came to mind is In America. It is one of my families favorite and most people have never heard of.  It […]

Cleveland EclecticEvelyn.com


It is day four of the Just Jot It January challenge and today’s prompt is Dachshund. Wow, now that is a tough prompt. It leads most in […]

My Breakup with Network News Eclectic Evelyn.com Who controls the news?

My Breakup with Network News

I used to be a news junky. I would watch the local morning, six o’clock and eleven o’clock news every day and in between my television […]

Expect the Unexpected #DomesticViolence EclecticEvelyn.com

Expect the Unexpected #SoCS

Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “expect/unexpected.”  Use either or both words in your post, or simply base your idea on them. Have fun! […]