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    L is for Love

    From the day we met you have taken up space in my heart You are the air I breath and the water that washes me clean I love you like no other It is you I have longed for languished for waited for.   This is a long distance love  A love strengthened by the longing. A love that is patient watching waiting ever vigilant.   Star-crossed and starry-eyed Seeing deep within the depths of your soul. We are destined to be. I know you love me and I love you I know that this is our one true love So I wait and pine and wait For one day you…

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    Narcissistic Views

    When this poem first came to me, I thought it was about a prior relationship. The more I looked at this poem and worked with it to get it exactly the way I wanted it to be, I realized it was about so much more.     I look into my eyes. I am lost deep in the blue, Drowning… Suffocating in your reflection I struggle for air There is no space for me, only you. You only look into my eyes to see your own reflection. Consumed with yourself Leaving no room for me You fill my periphery. In my eyes, there is only your reflection.     What…

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    Finding Inspiration for a Love Note

    Recently I wrote about the significance of a handwritten love letter. There truly is something magical about putting pen to paper rather than just pounding away at a keyboard. If you are looking for some inspiration on what to write in a romantic note for Valentine’s Day why not look to literature.     Proflowers rounded up a list of 59 love quotes from books that will help you put words to your emotions. They categorized the quotes so that you can search using filters including hopeless romantic, realist and cynic.  You can find the perfect sentiment that fits your partner. Some prefer sarcastic wit while others enjoy soulful romance…

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    Everyone Needs a Handwritten Love Letter

    I need to write more. My handwriting is starting to look atrocious and my hand cramps up when I write more than a sentence or two. In my youth, everyone always commented on how beautiful my handwriting was. I wrote with a flair for calligraphy. Computers are ruining the fine art of penmanship. I hear they are wanting to do away with cursive writing altogether. What a shame. I miss handwritten letters, especially love letters. There is a magic that flows from the soul to the paper through the tactile act of writing.  That is why magic spells and love letters must be handwritten. The soul flows through the giving hand…

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    Should I Warn Her?

    Her face is smiling up at me from the announcement section of the morning paper. Right there next to his depraved grin, she stands beaming, happy to show off the ring. I wonder who paid for it. Tossing the paper in the trash near the door, I walk out into the morning throng. The sun is shining and life is moving all around me. Should I warn her? Would she believe me? She does not even know who I am.  I am a stranger to her or worse depending on what he may have told her. Should I warn her that she is the latest in a long line of…

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    Memories ‘Round Here #BehindtheBlogger

      The prompt for behind the blogger today is ‘Round Here.  ‘Round Here can be anything and nothing but I am supposed to use this prompt to tell something” real” about myself.  Something that the readers of this blog would be interested in learning about that I don’t necessarily blog about most days. This post is supposed to share some insight into my life, but all I can think of is this Tom Petty Song.       For those of us coming of age in the 80’s, this was one of our breakup songs.  I remember listening to this song and crying my eyes out after I broke up…