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Cat Nap #WordlessWednesday

W is for Walls: If Walls Could Talk

Shadows of yesteryear fall long upon the empty walls Reminding me of all the lives lived. If walls could talk would they give up their secrets as easily as a butterfly shedding it’s cacoon. Suitcases forbidden rendezvous loves lost passions… Continue Reading →

Collection of Collections

I have a collection of collections. Does that mean I’m a collector? Maybe a hoarder or just sentimental? Waffles is not happy with the books Edie loves the yarn and ribbons Vinny snuggles in the handmade quilts while Chiquita prefers… Continue Reading →

The Phantom in the Ceiling

He pauses with trepidation as he hears the toenails tapping above his head. He can not comprehend how it is possible for that noise to be coming from the ceiling. He listens intently. More tapping, pause, more tapping. Now a… Continue Reading →

Urban Decay #WordlessWednesday

Echos of a Life

The whir of the air conditioner The hum of the refrigerator The deafening sound of silence Straining to hear the echos of children playing The twitter of birds The conversations of friends The sounds of a life My life Reaching… Continue Reading →

For the Love of God and a Good Woman: Margaret’s Grocery

The Reverend H. D. Dennis who was featured in the documentary God’s Architects, died in September of 2012. He spent the last 23 years of his life building a castle to God and his wife Margaret Rogers Dennis who died in… Continue Reading →

Inspiration from a Dirty Plaster Wall

I was looking through some old writing notebooks today and came across this. The intoxicating scent of sandalwood and myrrh filled the air as the bedside lamp highlighted the imperfections of the ancient plaster wall.  The dust of the ages… Continue Reading →

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