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Want Ad – Wife Needed

I am trying to live a more minimalist life. I really deep in my heart want to live with less junk, less clutter, and less time needed to be spent cleaning the house. Why? you ask. Well, the number one… Continue Reading →

What I Liked In April

I love photography and I am a big Instagram fan which gave me the idea to start a new monthly post with some of my favorite photos I have seen on Instagram during the month.  I am going to try… Continue Reading →

D is for Daybreak in Appalachia

    The mist rises up from the river Clinging to the mountains like a quilt Velvety greens and blacks held together by threads of white The valley is waking Soon the day will begin The mist will evaporate into… Continue Reading →

An Appalachian Siesta

Just Jotting through January

This month I am participating in Just Jot It January. Basically, what this means is I am committing to write every day in January and writing is loosely defined as anything from one sentence to an entire short story. Whatever, I… Continue Reading →

Burn Out

Being the rock star, the darling, the golden child Shooting through the sky like a comet Everyone watches to see what you will do Everyone wants to hitch a ride. You’re a shooting star. Like a supernova you burn bright… Continue Reading →

Excuse Me #WordlessWednesday

Spring in My Hood #WordlessWednesday

Perfection on a Spring Day #WordlessWednesday

Does This Sauce Complement My Blog?

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is compliment/complement. I have never thought of these two words together before. But now, now that I have thought about them and how they could accidentally be interchangeable in my writing, now I will… Continue Reading →

Love, Perfection, Reality, and Scandal

I have had great dramatic romances that have swept me off my feet, torrid affairs, and clandestine meetings but this year I am alone and happy. I have no pressure to make Valentine’s Day perfect and live up to some notion we have of what the perfect day to celebrate love is.

Pursuit of the Perfect Sentence

Pursuit of the perfect sentence, the perfect paragraph, or the perfect chapter has been the downfall of many writers.  I have to make sure I do not fall into the trap of chasing the elusive perfect sentence, paragraph, chapter, novel…. Continue Reading →

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