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Colder then a Witches …. What?

Being a woman of a certain age, many of you know I am riding that hormone roller coaster of menopause.   I had the bright idea that this year my hot flashes would help keep my heating expenses down. I was running… Continue Reading →

Too Tired Wide Awake Napping

For some reason, I get so sleepy in the middle of the day that I can’t even think. I try to fight through it most days but sometimes I succumb and take a nap.     Regardless, if I have… Continue Reading →

My Memory is Full of Sloth Poop

There is something about this day I am supposed to remember but I just can’t remember what it is. It keeps nagging right at the edge of my mind. The joys of midlife memory. Wonder if this eventually goes away… Continue Reading →

Menopause and the Mississippi

I have decided going through “the change” is like being pregnant and going through puberty at the same time. Yep, its really that crazy. You have whacked out hormone swings, weight gain, and hair popping up in weird places. Don’t… Continue Reading →


I am tired but my mind will not rest. I can find no relief from this despair and anguish that I feel. I fear I am losing my mind to this insanity that is my body in its present state…. Continue Reading →

Insomnolent Soul

is it sadness or is it madness that permeates my soul this longing for TIME LONG FORGOTTEN BY MOST a time of carefree youth that I squandered NOT REALIZING one day it would be gone so busy chasing an elusive… Continue Reading →

What Happens When You’re Not Cute Any More?

By my birthday, in May, I will be ready to publish a book.  Yes, it is written and now it will be done.  Write it down or say it out loud to someone else and it is binding to your… Continue Reading →

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