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    The Art Of Expanding Your Spirit Through Travel

    Travel is quite obviously beneficial for many people. To enjoy this process is to grasp it with both hands, and to take advantage of all opportunities afforded to you. However, it might be that your usual vacations are starting to feel a little flat. We all know how package vacations are sold to us, with neat schedules and catering options, sterilized resorts, and overcrowded beaches. Is there more to the world than this? Absolutely.   First, you need to think of why you’re traveling. Is it to gain a tan? To see the ocean? To relax and drink a cocktail on the beach? All these options are of course valid,…

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    Gathering all the Scattered Pieces to Find Peace

    Today’s prompt is piece/peace. All the little pieces of my life that make me crave peace. There are so many pieces of me scattered about that it is hard for me to find the peace that I seek everyday. There is the piece that resides with all four of my children, the pieces that my friends and family have, and the pieces that are work and obligations. That leaves only the tiniest piece left for me. I have found that as I am entering middle age and my priorities are changing, I am starting to gather those pieces back up and redivide them, keeping the largest piece for my self.…