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    Hipster Generation

    Effortlessly they misappropriate misinterpret miss the point Make-up like blackface and dredlocks ironic racism hipster terms playing bluegrass in Brooklyn pretending to be poor wearing flannel and eating vegan. They laugh at real culture call us dumb rednecks have coolie themed parties wearing headdresses at Coachella and boots to Bonnaroo. Cinco de Mayo is only a reason to get drunk St. Patricks Day too. They take what interests them and never know the meaning behind it Sugar skulls are candy and cool face paint superficial entertainment the only meaning they see.     This post is part of Just Jot It January. I combined yesterday’s prompt effortless and today’s skull to…

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    Dear Visitor to My World

    When you come in here and try to save me all I am left with is the mess you leave behind. You play at pretending to be poor for the day or the week not really knowing what its like to actually be poor. Not really knowing what its like to wake up terrified and go to bed hungry every single night. Not knowing what it means to be a woman with children who have a father who doesn’t care or only comes around when he wants something. You have no idea what my life is actually like. You just look in from the outside passing judgment pretending you can…