Spangly Dangly Sparkles

Spangly, Dangly, Sparkles and Fire

Statuesque and tan cut-offs and a striped tube top Long blond hair flowing as she twirls Tossing, spinning, twisting Skyward the stars glinting in the evening […]

Winter is Coming #VinnytheDog #WordlessWednesday

Winter is Coming #WordlessWednesday

Vinny likes to steal all the covers to stay warm.  How do you stay warm on cold nights? Share your answer in the comments below. Eclectic […]

Halloween Tag 2016

Halloween Blogger Tag

What’s your favorite Halloween movie? This is my favorite family friendly Halloween movie. What age did you stop trick-or-treating? Stop? Nobody told me I had to […]

Autumn Equinox Is Not About Pumpkin Spice

When you think about fall what do you think of? Most people say Pumpkin Spice everything, jumping in piles of leaves, sweaters, boots, bonfires and football […]

Why I Love Real Books

Why I Love Real Books

I grew up loving books, real books, with their smudged ink on dog-eared pages held together by bent withering spines. The library was where I wanted […]


Everything August

A new month has arrived and with it the end of summer.  August is the last hurrah before we must return to school and the the […]

Everything July

Everything July

Did you know there is so much more to July then the 4th?  According to the National Day Calendar, July is recognized as National Anti-Boredom Month […]