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Death of a Mother

The hardest part is putting that word death in a sentence with your mother. Mom has died. It looks so terrible even written. So short and final. Three words that change the lives of generations.


Loudness, danger, excitement we are drawn like moths to a flame. Unrestrained, gregarious energy drawing us near drawing us out of our solitary shell. We are drawn to that radiant energy that part we don’t possess within. We don’t see it… Continue Reading →

Looking for an Exit

This is the first I have really written in a while. I have basically had a nervous breakdown and have spent the better part of a month trying to recover myself. Trying to find myself amongst the panic and the… Continue Reading →

Writing Through Anxiety

Reading posts on Speak your Truth about living with anxiety has given me strength to share my own struggle. Not as a means to gain sympathy but in the hopes that someone else will read this and find strength much… Continue Reading →


I am tired but my mind will not rest. I can find no relief from this despair and anguish that I feel. I fear I am losing my mind to this insanity that is my body in its present state…. Continue Reading →

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